In the News, the Assault on Our Most Basic Freedoms

Episode 69

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Welcome to The Kingdom Hero Show, where CHRIST is KING and the TRUTH matters! Our mission: To advance the Kingdom of God by studying the Word and making real-world application of Kingdom-mindedness.

On today’s program, we’ll look at some of the latest news stories and examine the continued assault on our most basic freedoms. From the right to bear arms to the very right to life itself. All this, coming up momentarily.

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Our first story comes from Breitbart. And it’s actually encouraging that this has occurred in the state of California. We’ll put this on the screen for you as I read it.

YES! This is fantastic! American liberty, protected in the Constitution, is being acknowledged and reaffirmed by the courts. And in California, of all places. The article goes on to say…

Now seriously, the fact that this unconstitutional law was successfully struck down in California is fantastic. But this is yet another result of Trump’s positive impact as president. The 2nd Amendment has been under attack for decades, and we’re finally seeing this basic right being upheld – yes, EVEN in California.

Okay, next story. This one brings us into the battle for the soul of America, beginning with our youth. Here’s a piece from the Post Millennial, and it highlights how the evil forces on the left are continuing to make a play for the minds of our kids.

Yeah, a female who wants to appear male can go to Target and buy a “packer” to make it look like she has a penis. I know, right? I mean, this is absolutely insane what’s going on here. The article goes on, however, to elaborate on some of the dangers of these products.

I can’t even. If this stuff doesn’t bother you, then you’re as deceived as these people who suffer from gender dysphoria. To prey upon young minds like this is disgusting, it’s despicable, and it’s downright evil. And Target, like so many other companies, is culpable in this effort to groom our kids by normalizing abhorrent behavior. And the public screwls are even worse. Check out this article from Fox News…

Hang on, let’s unpack this one because there’s SO MUCH going on here that is incredibly wrong.

1) This is a middle school – roughly around the ages of puberty for these kids whose bodies are going through all these normal biological changes. What a great time to warp these young malleable minds into believing all kinds of garbage, right?

2) Students were invited to this brainwashing session and told to keep it secret – don’t tell mom & dad. Evil loves the dark. And when evil grooms your kids, it doesn’t want you to know about it. It wants its vile corruption to take place in the dark, in secret.

3) This pubescent girl who has probably gotten or soon will get her first period – an understandably unsettling and uncomfortable time in her life – she’s being told that if she’s not 100% comfortable in her body that means she is transgender. Wow. I’d imagine most girls that age aren’t 100% comfortable with their bodies. They are literally using a natural moment of biological changes to FOOL kids into thinking they are something they are not. That’s blatantly evil.

4) And this is a huge problem. Students are then told that their parents are not safe! Can you imagine being a preteen or early teenager and being told that your parents aren’t safe? How absurd! In other words, you can’t talk to your parents about the things going on in your body and in your life. No, that’s not safe. Your parents won’t understand – but these people lying to your kids are supposed to be trusted as the safe ones?

Finally, 5) we see lying actually isn’t so bad, huh? They tell the kids that lying to your awful unsafe parents about being in these meetings is perfectly fine. See how the parents are made to be the enemy of these middle schoolers, while these brainwashers who are targeting the kids are deemed to be the enlightened truth tellers and the only ones they should trust.

Dear God in heaven, we need a revival for our youth. And some of these teachers need a real come to Jesus, too.

-Break Transcript –

In our next news item of the day, well THIS is no surprise. If you want to know who’s funding a majority of the bad ideas that have taken over the Democrat party, look no further than George Soros. From Fox News…

Of course not. Let’s don’t acknowledge where our money is coming from. Soros is dirty. Everyone knows he’s dirty. And the democrats who are more than happy to accept his funding know that most people would frown on it.

As for Stacey Abrams, doesn’t she still believe she actually won that last race in Georgia? Pretty sure she thinks she IS Governor already. Anyway, she’s bad for the state. She has no original ideas, just falls in lock-step with the ideology of the left woke mob and the destructive BLM agenda – which ironically has done ZERO to help the black lives they so adamantly say matter. If Abrams believes black lives really matter, why do she and others on the left support the abortion of black babies? We all know that black babies are the primary target of Planned Parenthood. Margaret Sanger established it to eradicate the black populous.

Which brings us to this article from the Daily Caller…

Isn’t that just loaded with irony? I saw a video where they were chanting “mothers will die” during their protest. As “woke” as these people claim to be, I’m kinda shocked that they even use the term “mothers” rather than “birthing individuals.” But I found it interesting lately that the abortion crowd is chanting things like “mothers will die” – of course, alluding to the idea that mothers desperate to kill their babies will seek out dangerous back-alley abortions if it’s made illegal. This is a recycled theme they’ve used before. It’s not based in reality, however.

Seriously, think about it. If – God willing – abortion were to become completely illegal, it does not necessarily follow that all those women who have been convinced that murdering the unborn child is an answer to their problems would then seek out some dangerous and illegal procedure that could threaten their own lives. People don’t normally rush to do things that are both illegal AND life-threatening. Instead, they tend to give more consideration to safer and better options.

Hello? Saving lives is the goal of the whole pro-life stance. But abortionists push the idea that it’s okay to kill babies and anyone who disagrees should just shut up them and let them keep doing it. All their arguments all flawed. And the bottom line is that they are deceived by the evil forces that are determined to destroy the human race.

As for their efforts to bully these Supreme Court Justices, we saw that coming. That’s what the leak was designed to do – quickly organize radical opposition to pressure and manipulate the outcome of court ruling. It’s a dirty tactic, and it’s typical of the leftist playbook. Justices have said however that they will not be intimidated, which is a good thing.

Thankfully, these tactics have been falling short recently, as we also see in our final news story. This is from The Washington Free Beacon…

Now look, folks. We’re seeing some wins. This is a really important one. These people are so incredibly overcome by the influence of pure evil that they’re willing to green-light killing babies all the way up to birth and beyond. As unbelievable as it sounds, that’s how twisted and demented they are now. It’s completely sick. And we have to keep pressing forward in our efforts purge our government of this evil.

I’ve said it often on this show, and it’s true. As Christians, we need to pray, pray, pray. Pray every day. Make time in the morning when you get up, make time during the day as you go about your daily life, and make time at night before bed. I’m serious about this. Pray without ceasing, because our prayers really do work. This is especially true if we are seeking God’s truth and righteousness.

The Bible says in Matthew 21:22, “And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.” We’re talking about casting demonic influences out of our country’s government, and when the disciples had trouble driving out a demon in Mark 9, Jesus told them in verse 29, “This kind cannot be driven out by anything but prayer.” We have a powerful ally when we pray.

Why do you think Paul said in Acts 6:4 “we will devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the Word? It’s because prayer has the power to roll back the waters of the sea. Prayer has the power to open blind eyes and deaf ears, power to heal the sick and deliver people from addiction. It can even raise the dead, y’all. Prayer has the very power of God Almighty because He loves His children, and He wants to come to our rescue. But you see, He’s not going to force Himself on anyone, and He’s not going to go against His own Word.

We read in James 5:16 that “The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.” So we need to seek first the Kingdom, seek out His righteousness, and that power of prayer will be given to each and every one of us to effect real change in our world. And even the gates of hell won’t be able to stand against us. I’m. Just. Saying.

-End Transcript –

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