Truth, Be Told – Why Christians Must Fight for Free Speech

Episode 62

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-Begin Transcript –

Welcome to the show, everyone. Thanks for being here. I encourage you to follow any or all of my preferred social media accounts. You can find me on Rumble, Parler, GETTR, Gab, and MeWe – where free speech is actually still a thing. I recently started an account on as well. Links to all our social media outlets are available at, that’s For now, I’m still on Facebook and Twitter, but who knows how long that will last.

I will mention this. I have ceased posting any new content to YouTube as part of an effort to separate myself from Google – which is a monumental endeavor. They’re embedded in everything from Gmail to search engines to whatever, so that’s gonna take a while. However, you may have noticed the podcast is back on Rumble in video format. I felt this was important considering the pressures Spotify has been under to censor certain types of podcasts lately. In case we ever lose that outlet, we have a back up – which is always a good idea.

Ironically, free speech is the main topic of this episode, but we’ll get to that after reminding you of our mission statement: To advance the Kingdom of God through study of the Word and making real-world application of Godly character and Kingdom-mindedness. And our ability to spread the good news of Jesus is exactly why Christians should stand up and fight for free speech.

There is a reason why freedom of speech is protected by the 1st Amendment to our Constitution. That particular right is central and crucial to our liberty as a whole. Without it, all other freedoms are crushed beneath the weight of tyranny. If you aren’t free to voice your opinions, beliefs, and your disagreement with government, then you aren’t free at all. Worse still, without free speech, our Great Commission quickly becomes an impossible task. Which is why I believe all the censorship and canceling we’re seeing today is an attack of hell. And as Christians, WE CANNOT BE SILENT. The truth must be told, regardless of consequence.

Just two years ago, we saw the hyped up covid pandemic used as a tool to close church doors, while places like bars and strip-clubs remained open. That alone was a big indicator that hell was behind it. Public gatherings were widely discouraged – if not outright prohibited – but somehow BLM riots were exempted. We were told to avoid even holiday gatherings with family. Isolating ourselves for the “greater good” ended up causing a spike in depression and suicide. [clip: “the greater good”] And the muzzling of the the human spirit began with a seemingly innocuous little thing called a mask.

Indeed, masking up became a duty. Do your part to stop the spread, they said. And even though there is still practically zero evidence that masks have made any impact at all on the catching or transmission of covid, many people continue to look down on you if you don’t wear one. But it’s not simply a face covering, and it’s not about public health. It’s a means of dehumanizing the masses and removing their voices. It’s nothing short of psychological warfare.

Why do you think many Arab nations make the women cover their faces? It’s not just a religious thing or a cultural thing. Notice that they also don’t allow those women to have a voice or a say in society. It’s about subjugation. It’s about one group who wants to be in charge forcing another group to submit to their authority. And if the elite left can get us to cozy up to the idea of masking, it’s a step closer for them to rule over us.

This is why they’ve continued to be so adamant about masking our children. These young, impressionable kids are the next generation of people. If the evil forces at work today have their way, these kids will be stunted emotionally and spiritually. We’ve already seen it happening. A child in a mask feels less freedom to speak and ask questions, so educational and basic human needs won’t be met. Emotional needs aren’t met when you can’t see a child’s smile or frown. Spiritual and personal development will also suffer. And such children will never realize the liberty that was lost.

We have to speak out now, and never lose our voice. Children aren’t at risk for covid, anyway. None of the public health arguments for masking kids make any sense. How is it that California students were still being forced to wear masks this past Valentines Day when all those adult celebrities who promoted the idea of masking were enjoying their night at the super bowl completely maskless the night before?

The insanity has to end, folks. But it won’t if we allow them to silence us. The Bible says “you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” But the truth has to be TOLD. And if what they’re telling us is only serving to enslave us, well…it’s a good bet that the stuff they’re telling us isn’t the truth.

Understand that the hype around covid is a big money-maker for certain powerful people who are pushing it. They downplayed the effectiveness of cheaper treatments like hydroxy chloroquine, zinc, azithromycin, vitamin D, ivermectin, and others – while also never talking about the advantage of developing natural immunity, which costs nothing. Why? So they could push the vaccine (that isn’t even a real vaccine).

Now, I can hear some people saying, but Stace, they’re giving people the vaccine for free. Are they? Come on, you know there’s no such thing as free when it’s from the government. Do you think a bunch of scientists and virologists and immunologists just decided to get together and produce a bunch of vaccines without getting paid? No, they were funded by government grants. Where do you think the government gets money? Only two places: 1) from us, the taxpayers, and 2) from printing money.

Now on the one hand, if our tax dollars paid for the production of these so-vaccines, that means WE PAID FOR IT. And on the other hand, if it was funded by part of the 5 trillion dollars the government just printed up, well guess what? Pouring a bunch of money into the economy like that means more money chasing less product – because production didn’t increase, just the amount of money. We know government doesn’t produce anything except maybe chaos. So, more dollars chasing less product equals inflation as the value of our money decreases – effecting all of us, meaning once again, WE PAID FOR IT.

So who gets rich off of this? Those in control of a product (the vaccines) which they are trying to make mandatory for everyone. And eventually, if they succeed in making an annual covid shot a requirement – which you’d better believe they want to do – then you’ll end up paying for it big time. If only there was some way of getting the truth out to people so we don’t go down this awful road. Wait, there is! That involves people who know the truth TELLING the truth. And THAT is precisely what the powers-that-be are afraid of.

Hence the censoring, the canceling, the curtailing of free speech in a desperate effort to silence the truth and maintain their powerful stranglehold and rake in more money. Don’t believe me? Why is it that practically every single program on CNN is sponsored by Pfizer? Isn’t it a conflict of interest for a vaccine maker to pay a supposed news corporation to advertise on their network? How about Tony Fauci? Mr. Science, himself. Isn’t it unethical for him to make money off of gain-of-function research that ends up causing a global pandemic?

I could go on, but I want to move on with the show. Believe me, folks, this thing is all about power and money. And that’s how it’s been since biblical times with people who sought to control others through fear or any means necessary. They did that in Bible times? Really? Uh, yeah! And we’ll jump into that next…

-Break Transcript –

There’s an old saying: “There’s nothing new under the sun.” This is true. And another saying is true, too: “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Money and power have been corrupting human beings for millennia. Let’s look into one such instance found in Acts 16.

16 Once when we were going to the place of prayer, we were met by a female slave who had a spirit by which she predicted the future. She earned a great deal of money for her owners by fortune-telling. 17 She followed Paul and the rest of us, shouting, “These men are servants of the Most High God, who are telling you the way to be saved.” 18 She kept this up for many days. Finally Paul became so annoyed that he turned around and said to the spirit, “In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to come out of her!” At that moment the spirit left her.

Now you might be asking, Stace, what’s any of this got to do with money and power corrupting people? Hang on, we’re getting to that. And as we read on, it’s gonna start to sound a lot like some stuff we see going on today.

19 When her owners realized that their hope of making money was gone, they seized Paul and Silas and dragged them into the marketplace to face the authorities. 20 They brought them before the magistrates and said, “These men are Jews, and are throwing our city into an uproar 21 by advocating customs unlawful for us Romans to accept or practice.”

You see, the possessed girl was kinda like this pandemic. And Paul and Silas had the cure. But her owners, who are like the powerful elite of today, couldn’t make anymore money off of her once she was cured – or in this case, delivered. So what did they do? They brought charges against Paul and Silas, who were only guilty of doing right and sharing truth. Sound familiar?

America’s Frontline Doctors in 2020

Those of us today who are exposing the truth about this money-making and power-grabbing scheme of covid are being attacked because of it. They want desperately to silence anyone who speaks out in hope against their dire narrative. Remember the group of physicians, America’s Frontline Doctors, who came out early on in the pandemic and said, “You don’t have to be afraid, and you don’t have to die”? They were quickly attacked, censored, and their videos were banned. This is how the enemy works, folks.

It’s the same with the gospel message. There are those of us who proclaim it, and there are those agents of evil in the world who do everything they can to shut us up and keep our message of hope from the ears of those who need to hear it. But the truth of Christ cannot be silenced. Paul and Silas were thrown in jail for preaching it, but the power of God set them free. And – read it for yourself in the next several verses of Acts 16 – in the process of setting them free, their jailor found salvation that same night. That’s how God works.

Make no mistake, though. This isn’t just about covid and the lies told to keep us in fear over that. It’s not just about the mask lies, though masking is indeed a psychological method of silencing people’s free speech. It’s about everything that the evil forces and their pawns on the left are doing to take power away from the people and indoctrinate new generations of dependent, voiceless, and enslaved drones. It’s great to see the people rising up to fight for their freedoms, and I wanna share this clip with you of one such dad who is fed up with the CRT garbage being taught to his kids.

This man is speaking to a school board in North Carolina, and he is like so many other parents who are simply tired of being told that they have no say in what their children are taught in public schools. He calls CRT “a big fat lie,” which it definitely is, and he also stands firmly against transgendered boys playing in girls’ sports. Parents are determined to take this power back, and if this guy here is any indication, they will. Check it out…

Believe me when I tell you, that man there is right on target. He is NOT wrong. But while he is indicative of many other parents as well as the human spirit that yearns for freedom, he is also indicative of the very type of person and persons in the crosshairs of the leftist elite. They want him and everyone like him – you, me, every one of us – muzzled. They want us quiet. And they will keep trying to take away our free speech until we stand up to them and make it clear that WE WILL NOT BE SILENT.

Meanwhile, full blown tyranny has been launched in Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has all but anointed himself supreme ruler [angelic choir sound effect], and it is only making freedom-loving Canadians more emboldened to stand against him. We’ll talk about that right after this…

-Break Transcript –

People all over the world are revolting against the vaccine mandates. They’ve realized the shots don’t stop covid and that making them mandatory is just an attack on their own bodily sovereignty. The trucker convoy in Canada, known as “the Freedom Convoy,” has inspired similar protests around the globe. But despite the fact that these are indeed peaceful protests, they have been painted in a very different light.

I really hope you’ll pay close attention to how the leftist media has portrayed the various protests and riots we’ve seen over the last few years. It’s truly astounding how OBVIOUSLY biased they are. Here’s an example for ya. Remember this one? This was a BLM riot they kept saying was mostly peaceful, while buildings and cars were set on fire. But listen to how these leftist news reporters make excuses for the mayhem and destruction…

Did you hear that? People get mad – like that’s an understandable reason to set fires and destroy property. Disgusting. They’re actually excusing this atrocious behavior. Now, compare and contrast that coverage to how they’re covering the genuinely peaceful protest of the freedom convoy. These truckers are there, many of them with their families, and getting lots of support from the locals who are bringing them food and water and fuel, but let’s hear what the lamestream media has to say about it…

Can you believe this stuff? They try to say this freedom convoy – which is just people standing up for freedom – they’re saying it’s sedition, and an insurrection brought on by madness. Wanting bodily autonomy is madness now. They say it’s a global manifestation of Trumpism. Seriously, they call it Trumpism. People who want to take back their freedom is somehow a bad thing AND it’s Trump’s fault. Insane.

But then it gets worse, and they start lying and calling it violent when it’s not. They make the ridiculous claim that these truckers are taking food out of hungry homeless people’s mouths – what, where did that even come from? One idiot brought in a flag with a swastika, and he was probably a plant, then they label the whole bunch as a cult? These are just awful and terrible people and a threat to democracy! It’s absolutely nuts how they’re depicting evil as good and good as evil.

Look at this side-by-side comparison. Here’s a shot from a BLM riot on the left and one from the trucker protest on the right. You tell me which one is bad?

BLM riot
Trucker protest

On the left, you have the infamous “fiery but mostly peaceful protest” that took place in Kenosha. Oh, that wasn’t a riot, no, it was just some people who were angry and fed up, as Joy Reid put it. But then, feast your eyes on those crazy truckers on the right up in Ottawa with their Canadian flags and the guy there holding his dog – yeah, they look like a dangerous bunch, right? According to the leftist media who hates you and hates freedom, yeah.

I have to apologize to you listening to the audio podcast – you can’t see this stuff, and I assure you that it’s worth seeing. Go watch this episode on my Rumble channel. You’ll find the link on the website,, that’s And when you get to the Rumble channel, please subscribe so you don’t miss a thing.

Anyway, if this doesn’t illustrate to you just how important it is to maintain our free speech and combat all these lies with the truth, I don’t know what will. And of course Trudeau has seized this as an opportunity to implement emergency powers and effectively take over as Canada’s very own tyrant.

This is what power-hungry people do – they lie, cheat, steal, and do whatever is necessary to seize control. He lies about the truckers being violent and dangerous when they’re not, he cheats the freedom-loving people of Canada out of their rights by using a very broad definition of “national emergency” in order to declare himself defacto ruler, and he even had the money sent to support the truckers through crowd-funding stolen claiming it was like people funding terrorists.

Terrorists, that’s what his highness Trudeau calls these peaceful truckers who simply want the freedom to say what does or doesn’t go into their bodies. But protesting vaccine mandates is now equal to terrorism in Canada, and according to lord Trudeau’s own words, these droves of people are a “fringe minority” who are “holding unacceptable views.” Freedom and sovereignty over your own body is an unacceptable view? Well, I beg to differ.

So how does all of this affect us as Christians? How should we respond to what we’re seeing happen in front of our very eyes? Well obviously, the first thing we should do is get on our knees in prayer. Right now, our neighbors to the north need our prayers and support. But we also must realize that this kind of thing is happening on a global scale. The infringement upon basic human rights is part of a sinister plan to subjugate all of us. And we HAVE to speak out against it.

Yes, we will run into opposition – plenty of it. But truth must be told. That can’t happen if we let them muzzle us. Good news and hope have to be spread far and wide so that people don’t give up and succumb to oppression. That can’t happen without our freedom of speech. It is our duty to proclaim truth regardless of the consequences. And even though it may cost us a lot, it would cost so much more if we didn’t. Remember Paul and Silas were put in prison for doing the right thing, but in the end, God set them free and saved the soul of their jailor in the process. When it’s all said and done, we win. I believe that.

Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr., once said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Folks, the truth matters. And it’s up to us to shout it from the rooftops. So stand up and be counted. I’m just sayin’.

-End Transcript –

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I am a blood-bought saint of God, saved by His amazing Grace! God called me to start Great Commission Ministries online in June of 2011, and that began as a video series called "The GC." After 7 seasons of that web-series, I felt led to expand the ministry to blogs as well as a new video series I called "67 seconds of Encouragement." Eventually, the blogs became a podcast. And the ministry continues to grow from that, currently in the form of The Kingdom Hero Show. My prayer is that this ministry brings hope and encouragement to everyone who finds it. Please share it with others and help spread the Good News of Christ!

One thought on “Truth, Be Told – Why Christians Must Fight for Free Speech”

  1. It’s very important to THINK about the ultimate implication that the Covid atrocity has been a preplanned scam.

    What does that fact, in conjunction with similar evidence, mean really? What does it point to? What is the TRUE FINAL implication of all that?

    ACTIVE resistance against the criminal establishments around the world will greatly increase the sooner someone TRULY understands that the ruling cabal and their minions, anywhere around the globe, are PSYCHOPATHS…

    By “TRULY understands” I mean that Hollywood flicks and the entertainment industry at large have presented a deliberately erroneous picture of psychopaths which keeps the public misinformed about what and who psychopaths really are (eg most psychopaths are not overtly violent) but they are ALWAYS exploiters, deceivers, liars, manipulators, and destroyers (the Highly Destructive Fake Covid “Pandemic” is ONE fitting example out of countless others) and therefore they are NOT people to ever respect, listen to, admire, vote for, follow and obey BUT to ACTIVELY fight and jail for life (see cited source above).


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