Understanding the Nature of Evil

Episode 61

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-Begin Transcript –

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Hell Hates Humanity. There are 2 basic reasons why. 1) satan hates God and we are made in His image, and 2) demons despise the fact that we have the hope of salvation whereas they have no means of redemption. When we begin to understand the nature of evil, we start to recognize its influence in the world around us. So understanding evil and recognizing its tactics is our main topic for this episode.

Before we get into that, I wanna mention something here that goes right along with our mission statement – which is to advance the Kingdom of God through study of the Word and making real-world application of Godly character and Kingdom-mindedness. I always read that at the beginning of the show, but I saw something else a couple weeks or so ago that was so encouraging, and it flows right along with that statement.

Advancing the Kingdom of God is not only important to this ministry and this program and to me personally, but it ought to be a high priority for all Christians. And so I’m gonna share a clip or two of a man I respect and admire – a man who apparently feels the same way about growing God’s Kingdom.

Now, I grew up loving football. I played four years in high school, I’m a huge fan of college football, and ever since I was a kid I’ve also been a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. There have been a lot of greats come through that program, not the least of which is quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

After the season ending loss to the Chiefs, and in anticipation of his own retirement, Big Ben spoke candidly during the post-game interview…

Best of all, with his football career behind him, he had this to say when asked about his plans for the future…

I love that. What a great guy. I certainly wish Ben and his family the best as he follows God’s path for him and pursues life after football.

And here’s the thing – and it ties us right back into our subject matter – when we are pursuing the things of God, especially then is when the enemy comes in and tries to throw us off track. He does this because he hates us and wants to destroy us. As I said, satan hates God and so – by extension – he hates us because we’re made in God’s image. He knows God has a plan for us, that He loves us so much that He made a path to redemption from sin through Jesus. Satan and his demonic minions don’t have that luxury.

Even the angels in heaven are in awe of this concept of salvation. It is something that God came up with solely with us in mind – it is exclusive to humanity. This is what amazes the faithful angelic beings and infuriates those who fell from heaven. There is no redemption for the fallen angels, so yeah, all of hell hates humanity. I know, I’m repeating myself, but I want to make sure you understand the gravity of this. Understanding this is a huge step toward seeing through the tricks and schemes of hell.

Let me explain what I mean by that. Think for a minute about some of the things going on in our world today. For example, abortion. When you understand the nature of hell’s hatred for humanity, this one is an easy one to figure out. There are other reasons why murdering babies is an evil practice, but it’s not hard to see that encouraging this awful act demonstrates malice towards the image of God and towards innocence itself.

It also shows a hellish desire to thwart the plans of God. Hell celebrates in wicked glee when an unborn child is aborted. That’s one more person that will never be used by God to accomplish anything for His Kingdom. It’s one less human being in the world – and make no mistake, this world is something that satan wants desperately to rule and control.

Recognize that satan’s plans are direct counterparts to God’s plans. In fact, as I’ve said many times, satan is a plagiarist – a copycat – a counterfeiter. In a moment, we’re going to examine things like The Great Commission vs. the great deception. So don’t go away.

-Break Transcript –

The Bible goes into some detail about certain things that are immoral and wrong. And within The Great Commission is a call to teach people to observe what has been commanded. To the contrary, part of the great deception we see in society today is a resistance to the idea of right and wrong. Relativism is central to this societal belief that we’re all basically good and there’s no need for strict morals or salvation. You do you, they say.

But beneath this seemingly laid back facade is a sinister plot to destroy humanity. Without absolute morals, our carnality will cause us to descend into all sorts of destructive behavior. And the evil powers at work are causing our young children to be taught all manner of wickedness – the divisiveness of Critical Race Theory, the debauchery of sexual immorality, the encouragement of gender confusion, just to name a few.

Of course, several have tried to deny that CRT is being taught in public schools, but we now know that it has been in many places. One thing that happened as a result of the lockdowns and kids having to do classes on Zoom was that parents at home were able to see and hear just exactly what their kids were being taught. And quite a large number of those parents were not at all happy.

Now, racial discrimination is something that most all of us would say is absolutely wrong. It’s immoral, and that’s why we have laws against it. But for those folks who seem to be walking some sort of tightrope to avoid any acknowledgment of the existence of right and wrong, coming right out and saying that it’s WRONG isn’t something they’re willing to do. In fact, they will hem and haw and dance around to sidestep these issues of morality.

Don’t believe me? Okay, check out this clip of a Biden judicial nominee being asked about this very thing by Senator Ted Cruz. This is Judge Kenly Kato, and I promise you this is NOT slowed down, but watch how long it takes her to formulate what should be a quick response. She is asked a simple question, and she – quite frankly – stammers and pauses and does everything she can to avoid giving a clear and simple answer. Here it is…

Seriously? She can’t say it. She won’t say it. Racial discrimination is wrong. Period. Why does the Constitution prohibit it? Because it’s WRONG! This isn’t a hard question for any normal, sane person. But apparently, it is for her, a grown woman. This is the kind of crazy we’re having to accept as normal now.

And the truly sad thing is that our public schools and universities are churning out entire generations of young people who have no clue just how dim their world view is. They think morals are outdated, drag-queen story hour is a perfectly okay thing to subject elementary kids to, and gender is just a social construct imposed on them by old fogies like you and me. That’s what many of them believe.

But here again, let’s look more deeply at these issues and see where these notions truly come from. The idea that, if you don’t like what you are biologically, no biggie – you can just change it. Boys can be girls, girls can be boys, and it’s all good. They call it liberating. Is it? You’re actually putting yourself in chains. When you have permanent surgical alterations done to your body – the body that God gave you – then you have to live with all the unforeseen consequences of that for the rest of your life.

Where do you suppose this idea came from? Well, if you said from the pit of hell, you’re right. You were created in the image of God, and He designed you to be male or female from birth to death. Behind the notion to alter the way He made you is the idea that God isn’t really your Creator – YOU ARE. You can remake yourself into whatever YOU want to be. This is an outright rebellion and serves to elevate self above God, essentially saying that you yourself ARE God. That’s exactly what Lucifer tried to do, remember?

Worse still, this concept of altering ourselves into something other than what we were born as – well, it’s only begun. Transgenderism is being pushed upon us with such veracity, that we have to assume there’s a deeper agenda. And sure enough, there is. Transgenderism is nothing compared to where this is heading. And as outlandish as it may sound, the ultimate goal is something that sounds like the plot to several Sci-Fi films…the goal is transhumanism.

Now you may think I’ve gone off the deep end here, but with modern technological advances being what they are, it’s not as far-fetched anymore to think that we’ve moved closer to a transhumanist era. The belief by many that humans can utilize technology to evolve into a lifeform that is beyond human, to achieve immortality, and to basically become God. Yeah, I know.

Trust me, you do not want to miss this last segment of the program. I’m gonna show you a lengthy clip that dives into just how close we already are to transitioning humanity into a twisted abomination. That’s coming up next…

-Break Transcript –

We’ve seen the pervasiveness of evil permeate our society, a once-trusted journalistic complex turned into purveyors of propaganda, elected representatives becoming tyrannical overlords, the murder of our innocent preborn, and the indoctrination of our youngest generation. But where the truth has no agenda, evil certainly does. One of the biggest goals – I believe – to move us further away from being created in God’s image is the push towards transhumanism.

Virtual reality has actually been around for a while now, and Facebook’s “Meta” craze wants to take it even further. So if we follow this out to its logical conclusion, where does it take us? Mark Dice, who is known for his hilarious man-on-the-street videos like “save the triceratops” and many others, actually made a very serious and thought-provoking video recently. In it, he put together this intriguing look at where many are wanting to go next. And for some, nothing short of becoming gods will do. Check it out…

Eye-opening, huh? Now, whether or not you believe this is on the enemy’s to do list, you have to at least acknowledge that the enemy HAS a to do list. And everything on it is evil. There is indeed a wicked agenda at work in our world today, and WE need to be aware of it. Understand the nature of evil, realize that hell hates humanity, and seek God’s help to recognize the schemes of the devil.

And here’s the really GOOD NEWS in all this: We are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus, and by faith we know that God and His people will win in the end. So don’t fear the things that are happening, nor the things that will come. God saw it all before laying the foundations of the universe. And His plans cannot be thwarted. No matter what. I’m just saying.

-End Transcript –

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