What Are They Hiding?

All the major big tech platforms are feverishly deleting, censoring, and blocking the viral video of doctors spilling the truth about CoViD-19. All the dying is senseless. All the lockdowns and mask controversies are pointless. You have to wonder why the powers-that-be are so afraid of people seeing this video.

Dr. Stella Immanuel has successfully treated and cured over 350 Covid patients and counting. Not a single death, regardless of age or risk level. And she’s not willing to be silenced about it.

I made the above screen recording to share with others. But within minutes, YouTube removed it.

Just what “community guidelines” does the video violate? According to the subsequent email I received from YouTube…

They call it misinformation, even though it’s from reputable doctors with long careers of treating illnesses. The key phrase above is “that contradicts the WHO.” That’s the real kicker. These doctors’ opinions and expertise are quite valid, but just because it goes against the narrative of the WHO, they’re being censored so that you can’t listen and formulate your own informed opinion.

Doctors like Stella Immanuel deserve to be heard. There is no danger in hearing what they have to say. It’s not like you can just go out and grab HCQ for yourself (even though it’s been safely used for decades) – no, you have to get a doctor’s prescription. So why are these information companies so determined to control the narrative? Why do you suppose they don’t want you to use your own powers of deductive reasoning to decide for yourself what’s good for you?

This is why I have uploaded the video to my own website and upgraded my hosting service so that I can share videos freely here. We need to be able to freely share ideas without being censored and silenced by those who wish to control us. Please share this with others! Everyone needs to know the truth!


Since the deletions and attacks on their integrity, the doctors came out to respond. Again, Dr. Immanuel led the charge…

This isn’t over by a long shot.

And There’s Still More

See excerpt below, or click image above for full article.
It’s time to demand the truth.

Check out this article by yet another doctor and author of hundreds of papers. He states that “tens of thousands of patients with COVID-19 are dying unnecessarily. Fortunately, the situation can be reversed easily and quickly.” What’s his preferred treatment? You guessed it, hydroxy chloroquine. While Fauci echoes the FDA and WHO mantra that HCQ is ineffective against CoViD-19, more and more doctors are claiming the opposite. You have to ask, who’s lying and why?

Are we to believe that this information is being hidden from us for our own good? How is it good to keep us in the dark about other doctors’ findings? Why can’t we have an honest discussion, share differing ideas, and form our own opinions? One thing is clear – we are NOT being given all the information. It’s time to find out why. Who has the most to gain from all the unnecessary panic and death? Who has the most to lose from us learning the truth?

This Atlanta doctor has also successfully treated covid patients with HCQ.

What About the Fact-Checkers?

Many will point to the infamous Facebook fact-checkers, taking their claims at face value. But you should keep in mind that these so-called “independent” determiners of what’s true and what’s not must have a standard by which they base their findings. And where do they go to check the facts? Well, the fact-checkers aren’t doctors themselves, so they go to the popular narrative of the WHO and those who agree with it. Basically, they are just regurgitating the popular narrative as fact and deeming everything else as false.

Where’s the accountability in that? Who checks the validity of the fact-checkers? Why should their rehashing of the mainstream narrative be deemed more plausible than the findings of so many actual doctors with a more positive outlook? Why believe anyone who is attempting to silence the opposition? Why not debate it, compare and contrast studies, and look for real answers? These are the questions we should all be asking.


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