We’re Winning, but the Fight is Far from Over

Episode 67

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-Begin Transcript –

Welcome to The Kingdom Hero Show, where CHRIST is KING and the TRUTH matters! Our mission: To advance the Kingdom of God through study of the Word and making real-world application of Godly character and Kingdom-mindedness.

On today’s program, the US Supreme Court strike down of Roe v. Wade and what that actually means (because it does NOT outright ban abortion), more on the left’s Ministry of Truth, more desperation by Dems losing their power, tweets tweets and more tweets, and whatever else I can squeeze into this episode.

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Enough with the advertisements, let’s get started!

Let me begin with this incredibly ridiculous tweet by Eric Swalwell. I don’t even like to call him Representative Swalwell because, like so many others in DC, he’s not representing the people as he should. So here, Mr. Swalwell tweeted this out the other day, someone shared it, and when I saw it, I just couldn’t let it go. I couldn’t. And frankly, I sincerely believe that when the left openly states things as utterly stupid as this, we really need to call them out for it and shine a light on the sheer lunacy for the world to see. So here’s his tweet, after the SCOTUS ruling that effectively overturns Roe v. Wade

Even as I’m reading it, I’m like, wait, what? Did he really just say that? Where on earth did that even come from? Interracial marriage? Are you high right now? Seriously. But quickly it hit me what he was trying so hard to do by saying such an outrageous thing. So, I had to respond. I did. Here’s what I said.

And that’s exactly what that asinine tweet was all about. Another pitiful attempt to stir up more racial controversy and with a made up lie not based anywhere near reality. It’s like, let’s think of something really racist and tell everyone that Republicans are gonna do it. Ya know? If we don’t stop those crazy Republicans, next they’ll be revoking driver’s licenses for blacks and Hispanics. Really? Why would anyone want to do that? What Swalwell said is just as stupid, but the intent is to paint Republicans as bad people. It’s an appeal to the morality of voters to vote Democrat because Republicans are just awful!

As I said, this idiotic tweet was an act of desperation. The left KNOWS it’s losing ground, and Democrats as a whole know they’re about to get creamed in this election cycle. Several of them have said it themselves, but rather than acknowledge that it’s their failed policies and their disconnect from average people, they blame it on… (drumroll) …MISINFORMATION! Yep, that’s why they want to have a government-run Ministry of Truth to keep conservative voices silent and maintain control of the popular narrative.

And speaking of desperation, here’s an article posted on CNN.com that just screams censorship. We’ll put it on the screen as I read it…

So according to this article, these desperate hacks on the left are encouraging big brands like Coke, Disney, whoever, to put the squeeze on Musk in order to keep him in line. Are you tracking with me here? They want to force Musk to keep the status quo of censorship at Twitter. What they call hate speech is just code for anything conservatives say that the left doesn’t like. And what they call election misinformation is actually when someone factually reports the truth and goes against the leftist narrative. See how this works, folks?

But now get this. Do you think these tactics are gonna work with someone who has shown himself to be an independent thinking rogue element like Elon Musk? Not likely. In fact, he posted a link to that article along with this tweet…

Does that sound like someone who can be intimidated easily to you? He’s sounds pretty defiant to me. And this has the left very worried. As Elon takes Twitter back into the private sector, he’s not beholden to any of these talking heads or the power and manipulation they try to wield. A private company owned by someone who believes in free speech for everyone on a platform with the scope of Twitter is a major threat to these guys, so all they can do is spew their own threats and hope that one or two of their punches land. But I don’t think that’s gonna happen with someone like Musk.

He’s the same kind of threat to the left as Donald Trump was as President. He’s already too rich to be bought. He’s not gonna bow to these control-freaks and their manipulation tactics. And leftist entities like CNN just keep trying to sway public opinion – trying and failing, I might add. Take a look at this tweet from Nick Freitas, who represents James Madison’s district in the VA House of Delegates – he says…

Ain’t that the truth?! All this nonsensical hubbub about billionaire Musk makes a great distraction from the ongoing mess President Biden has gotten us into. Taking us from energy independence to the highest gas prices in years, from historic lows in unemployment and the most thriving economy America has ever had to crippling inflation and a severely reduced GDP. No, let’s don’t talk about that, let’s talk about Elon Musk and his existential threat to our ability to brainwash the populous – I, I mean our ability to keep conservatives quiet – no, I mean our ability to defeat misinformation and hate speech – yeah, that’s the ticket.

And this is exactly why NOW, at this particular moment of our history, these frantic powers-that-be, before they quickly become the powers-that-were, absolutely MUST create a so-called Ministry of Truth. They’re losing control of the narrative. They’re losing the monopoly on information distribution. This can’t happen, they can’t allow it, so here come the thought police. The storm troopers are marching. Our governmental overlords are making a last-ditch effort to maintain power and control. What does this mean for conservatives and the rest of us who want to keep the hope of liberty alive? There’s no time to let up – it’s time for a full court press. We have never been more close to crushing the left than we are right now, folks, and we have to keep pushing forward for freedom.

What am I really saying? Let me make it even more clear for you because this fight we’re in is about to intensify. Evil is behind the assault on our God-given liberties. Evil is behind the manipulation tactics of the left. Evil is behind the attack on families, the indoctrination of our youth, and the moral breakdown of our society. As we begin to make inroads against these evil forces, they get more angry and nasty and desperate. This is when this enraged enemy will aggressively throw everything it has against us, and we have to be ready, grounded in truth and righteousness. We need an overwhelming force of our own – which we have in Christ. But we need a shock and awe effort to defeat these evil forces here and now. Pray, pray hard, pray often, and pray without ceasing.

-Break Transcript –

Okay, we’re not done with this leftist-created Ministry of Truth. Understand that this isn’t simply about who forms the Department of Disinformation, and it’s not about who’s in charge of it. Such a board or department or ministry or whatever you want to call it SHOULDN’T EVEN EXIST in a free society! It should never exist in the United States of America. In a tyrannical country, sure. In some authoritarian-run nation, sure. But not here. And I know I’m not the only one who thinks this way. In fact, here is probably my favorite Democrat – and I mean that, I’m not being facetious – here is Tulsi Gabbard saying pretty much just what I did. Listen…

Now, I do not agree with everything this woman says. She has a stance on certain issues that I would wholeheartedly disagree with. But on THIS TOPIC, she is spot on. There is no place in our Constitutional Republic for a government-run board that decides what’s true and what’s not, what you can say openly and what you can’t. That’s not freedom, and that’s not American. It flies in the face of our 1st Amendment. It’s a tool of the power-hungry elite who hate free speech and hate anyone who disagrees with them. They don’t believe you deserve to have a voice. Period.

Now, let’s leave that and move on to this recent Supreme Court case. First of all, the leak of information is something that should never happen and doesn’t happen among people of integrity. The law secretary who leaked this, who probably did so with the blessing of someone like Justice Sotomayor, did so as part of a plan by the left to try and pressure conservative justices by drumming up public outrage from supporters of abortion before a final ruling was made. Regardless though, let me make this point about the trustworthy and the untrustworthy. Check out this tweet from Aurthur Schwartz…

Uhm, double standard much?! Hello? James O’Keefe of Project Veritas could have released the supposed diary of Ashley Biden, which would likely have blown wide open in the faces of the left. But he did the right thing. He did the lawful thing. Rather than posting it, he called up the authorities and said, hey, someone sent me this, I don’t know if it’s legit or not, but I want nothing to do with it, so here, take it off my hands. And what did he get for his good deed? The FBI burst into his home and restrained him like a criminal, raided his home without provocation, and got away with it.

So contrast that treatment with how Politico handled this leaked information from the SCOTUS. Did they call the authorities and do the right thing? No, they published it. Illegally obtained document regarding a not-yet-announced Supreme Court ruling, used by the crooked cronies at Politico to try to manipulate our highest judges in the land – and we’ll have to see if anyone ends up in handcuffs over it. But I’m not holding my breath.

But here’s the bigger issue to keep in mind, and I’ve talked about this before on the show. The US Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade doesn’t ban abortion. When I spoke of this previously, I called it a step in the right direction. But some people mistakenly think this decision automatically bans abortion, and it doesn’t. What it does is takes the issue out of the federal courts and places it back into the purview of the individual states. Now, if a state court decides to ban abortion within the state, the federal courts cannot step in and overrule that decision. That’s how it works.

Many are still upset by this, fearing their state will soon enact a full ban on abortion. Some states are already looking to do just that. But why are these people so bent on having a right to kill babies? I’ve discussed this at length before, and I encourage you to check out my older blog titled The Truth About Abortion when you have time. You’ll find it on my website, KingdomHero.net. But the gist is this: it’s not because of rape or incest, it’s not because it’s just a clump of cells, it’s not because it’s my body my choice, and it’s not because of any of the talking points abortionists bring up.

The number one reason people want to be able to terminate their pregnancies is out of selfish convenience. They believe they should be able to have unwise and unprotected sex with anyone, anywhere, anytime, and they shouldn’t have to take responsibility for their actions. If they get pregnant through irresponsibility, they can just discard the responsibility of creating a life by killing it. And without even realizing it, they are making a human sacrifice upon the altar of selfishness. It’s not just wrong, it’s evil, and yes, demonic.

But as I said earlier, this is the fight we’re facing. It’s not just about defending our freedoms from tyranny. It’s not just about defending ourselves from those who want to silence us or censor us. And it’s not even simply about defending those innocent lives from being murdered for the sake of someone’s selfish desires. No, this is about defending the soul of our society from the insidious schemes of the evil forces that are working overtime to destroy the very notion of decency. And I didn’t say human decency for a reason. Because humankind is prone to succumb to evil like Adam and Eve did in the Garden. It takes the righteousness of God dwelling within us to show real decency. And it’s only through God that we can see this fight through to the end.

The Bible gives a lot of examples of things that we should beware of…

Matthew 7:15

Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.

And what are these people who want to control you under the guise of keeping you free from misinformation and hate speech. I can decide for myself what information to believe or not, I don’t need government to do that for me. And I’m not so weak and fragile that I can’t handle someone’s hate speech. But for someone in power to say, I’ll protect you, when all they really want is to forcibly rule over me – sounds a lot like the one in sheep’s clothing who is actually a hungry wolf.

Matthew 16:12

Beware the teaching of the Pharisees and Sadducees.

In this passage, Jesus was warning His followers to be careful about trusting the teachings of the leaders over them. The same warning could apply to us regarding blindly trusting those in power whose motives are less than pure. Like the Pharisees and Sadducees, many in our own government are serving their own selfish purposes rather than caring for the good of us. We should be wise enough to discern the truth, otherwise we’ll end up under their feet.

And as for this fight we face every day, we can be encouraged immensely by the words of the prophet Isaiah…

Isaiah 54:16-17

Behold, I have created the smith
    who blows the fire of coals
    and produces a weapon for its purpose.
I have also created the ravager to destroy;
no weapon that is fashioned against you shall succeed,
    and you shall refute every tongue that rises against you in judgment.
This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord
    and their vindication from me, declares the Lord.

So when faced with the weapons of our enemy, the lies and manipulation tactics of these evil forces, we must remember that God made all things. The enemy can corrupt and distort and twist things to do evil, but God assures us that no weapon the enemy uses against us will succeed. Furthermore, we are mandated to “refute every tongue that rises against” us “in judgment.” We can and must refute the works of the enemy. Not just for American liberty’s sake, but because as servants of the Lord, this is our “heritage.” And God promises to vindicate us in the end. This is why we must fight for what’s right and good and just.

The enemy we’re facing isn’t just gonna roll over and give up. No, it’s gonna fight against us more savagely than ever before. That’s because satan knows his days are numbered. Right now, those on the left who are promoting wicked and evil practices are starting to realize their days are numbered, as well. It’s all connected. How do you kill a snake? By cutting off its head. By waging this war rightly with the evil forces that are behind all these workers of iniquity, through God we will destroy that evil at its source. And we do this through earnest prayer, following God’s guidance, more prayer, calling out evil for what it is, more prayer, taking back what the enemy has stolen from us, and still more prayer. Ask God for wisdom, and ask Him to continue to open the eyes of the blind. As more light enters, more darkness has to flee. I’m just saying.

-End Transcript –

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I am a blood-bought saint of God, saved by His amazing Grace! God called me to start Great Commission Ministries online in June of 2011, and that began as a video series called "The GC." After 7 seasons of that web-series, I felt led to expand the ministry to blogs as well as a new video series I called "67 seconds of Encouragement." Eventually, the blogs became a podcast. And the ministry continues to grow from that, currently in the form of The Kingdom Hero Show. My prayer is that this ministry brings hope and encouragement to everyone who finds it. Please share it with others and help spread the Good News of Christ!

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