Worth the Fight?

Lies. We have to combat them every day, it seems. Lies about our Christian beliefs. Lies about our personal beliefs. When the world is constantly calling evil “good” and good “evil,” is it even worth our time and effort to keep up the fight?

Futile Arguments

In previous episodes/blogs, I have mentioned how we are best to avoid getting into futile arguments with those who don’t really want to listen. And the Bible even speaks of not casting your pearls before swine. This is a metaphor, of course, warning us of the uselessness of bringing a word to those who would automatically reject it. It’s an important lesson for anyone, but especially to us as followers of Christ. We don’t need to argue with those who rail against us when we know they aren’t listening to a word we say. It’s a waste of breath. And our time and efforts should be used more wisely.

But is that to mean that we ought never to argue our side? Perhaps not for the sake of argument, but shouldn’t we stand up for our beliefs and defend what we know to be true and just? It seems that today many Christian believers have been cowed into thinking that they should remain silent. We might offend someone. We may be viewed as radical or intolerant. Oh no, we don’t want to be guilty of forcing our beliefs on others. But, isn’t that exactly what those who belittle our faith do? They insist that we go along with what THEY believe because they see our beliefs as extreme or antiquated.

In the face of injustice, we had better be ready to stand up and be heard. If we don’t speak out against the injustices around us, we are instead being pretty much complicit. If we aren’t striving to right the wrongs we see, then we must ultimately share a part of the blame. Remember the famous quote: Evil prevails when good men do nothing.

Twisted Morals

Be aware that there are many who twist this concept into a devious attempt to force people to go along with their self-proclaimed righteous movement. For example, those in the BLM organization often bully others into falling in line with them saying, “If you don’t support BLM, and you refuse to say ‘Black Lives Matter’ with us, then you are a racist!” This is manipulation, which I’ve talked about before as being evil and never a tactic of the righteous. This skewed sense of morality isn’t moral at all.

While we’re on the topic, let’s talk about the BLM movement for a moment. Fear tactics and manipulation have been used to scare white people especially into going along with them. The name of their organization itself is a clever turn of words designed to make anyone who disagrees with them out to be against black people. If you don’t agree with Black Lives Matter, then you must not believe that black lives do indeed matter. And this is the devious trick at the heart of the movement.

I don’t know ANYONE who values anyone’s life over another based solely on skin color. And as I’ve said before: LIVES have no color, but SKIN does. We are all of ONE race – the HUMAN race. But those who can only see skin color will see racism everywhere, when they are the ones being truly racist. Besides that, when you look closely at what the BLM mission statement says, no Christian anywhere should be aligning themselves with this group. Here’s what Marcellus Wiley had to say about this on his show…

So, among other things, the BLM mission statement clearly indicates that they are fully against the nuclear family and what they call “the patriarch.” In other words, they see no need for the traditional structure of a family with both a father and a mother. One of the biggest societal problems facing ALL families today, but especially black families, is the absence of a father in the home. BLM rejects the patriarch – the very idea that a strong male role model is necessary. And we see time after time where children with no dad are statistically more likely to encounter all kinds of problems in life.

Lies from the Left

To make things even worse, leftist organizations like BLM aren’t living up to their own hype. The very name of BLM says that Black Lives Matter, but they seem to be seriously lacking when it comes to ACTING LIKE every black life matters to them. How about the millions of aborted black babies? Margaret Sangar, a known bigot, established Planned Parenthood to literally eradicate the black population. But all those black lives who were extinguished through abortion, where’s the outrage by BLM? Where are they? Didn’t those innocent little preborn black lives matter to them? No, of course not.

The poverty and sad conditions of black communities is a great source for rhetoric from the left, but has any of the millions of dollars donated to BLM found its way into those communities to help them? Again, the answer is no. And this is where we have to be unafraid to stand up, speak out, and make the truth known. This is why I very much love Candace Owens and the work she is doing to spread truth to people about the lies of the left which has kept a large part of the black population dependent upon government for decades. Listen…

If we don’t expose the truth, as Candace is doing, and support the efforts of those like her who are speaking out the cold hard reality in the face of the more popular lies out there, then what ARE we doing? There are so many people who fall for those lies because they are so prevalent today. When lies are repeated enough times, they become taken as truth. But that’s politics. And again, Christians can’t ignore issues just because those issues are political.

Fighting the Narrative

The mainstream media promotes a web of lies every single day, and it’s no wonder so many people believe it. And most higher learning institutions teach the same liberal garbage to young minds, so it’s no wonder our youngest generation of voters fall prey to the mainstream narrative. Trump is a racist. So are Republicans. America is evil and was built on the backs of slaves. All this divisive tripe is pumped into our nation’s youth, and when they go to the polls, they act on it. Here’s an interview with one such young woman on a college campus…

She has no clue about the positive things that Trump has done for the black community because she never heard it. None of her college professors were going to acknowledge something good that the president had done. And you heard her say, she was just going by all the negative stuff she heard on the news. She believed the lies, and so Trump just isn’t her candidate.

But HERE’s a young black woman (who’s name I unfortunately don’t know), and she decided one day to ignore everything she was being told about Donald Trump, and do her own research. I love it. Listen to this…

So because her older brother supported Trump, she decided, hey, I’m gonna check this guy out for myself. She discovered who the man really is, and she found out that she had been lied to by people all this time. Did you hear what she said? She said, “This is a generation that wants to believe lies.” Man, she nailed it right there! People living in darkness don’t want the light, and there are those who will outright reject the truth for a lie today. And once she learned the truth, she was set free by it. She was no longer angry about all the bad stuff she had once thought was true, and she’s excited to share the truth with others, and she’s also excited about the future, which is not what the left wants at all.

SCOTUS Replacement & Heath Care Lies

Recently, long-time Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg passed away. Did you happen to notice the difference in how those on the right and those on the left took the news? Conservatives, by nature of being conservative, were mostly reserved and respectful in their response to this woman’s death – even though, throughout her career, Judge Ginsberg stood on the side of abortion being a right of the mother to extinguish the life of her unborn child. Despite many other differences of opinion, conservatives were polite and refrained from any divisive talk. Liberals, on the other hand, used this woman’s death as a reason to lash out against their political opponents. Many of them only viewed Ginsberg’s passing as a political set-back, knowing that the president would be nominating a conservative judge to fill the vacant seat.

Of course, that IS his duty. As president, he is required by the constitution to pick a replacement nominee, and the Senate is required to vote on whether or not that nominee should be installed to the Supreme Court. Oh, but it’s an election year, and the left is rallying against Trump, saying the seat should not be filled until after the election. Indeed, they want him to forego his lawful job as president, and they want “the next president” to pick the nominee. Uhm, that’s assuming a bit much, isn’t it? That argument assumes that Trump will lose the election, yes, and it also goes against everything we know historically about keeping 9 justices on the SCOTUS.

We know that, if the roles were reversed, the Democrats would not hesitate for a second to place a liberal judge in that open seat. And they know it, too. Naturally, they have to attack whom ever he nominates. And who was his pick? Roll tape…

Trump brings in Judge Barrett, another brilliant and battle-tested female justice, and without fail, the left zeroed in on her. They attacked her adoption of minority children. They attacked her, of course, just because she’s Trump’s choice and she’s conservative. Then they claimed that this was some awful tactic of the president to help do away with ObamaCare. They made it a political issue as though, if she’s in, heath care is out. Here’s Trump’s press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany with a response to that…

You know, I didn’t know if Sarah Huckabee Sanders could ever be topped as the White House spokesperson, but Kayleigh McEnany is simply amazing at it.

Why All This Matters

Now, some of you who have been tracking with me for a while now may say, “Whoa, why are you all the sudden getting more political than before?” And it is true that, for the most part, my videos and blogs and podcasts have steered away from these types of things in the past. But I have always believed in fighting back against lies with the truth. Sometimes that truth is about topics that are universal in nature, sometimes it’s strictly a topic of religious or relational nature, and sometimes it’s controversial. There comes a time when we have to step out of our churches and into our community and say, “Enough is enough.”

You can’t call yourself a Christian while you sit by and let the neighborhood burn to the ground. And we literally have people on the far left calling for anarchy in America. We’ve already seen violence and destruction in cities across the country. As I’ve said before, these aren’t just political issues – these are MORAL issues. We have a responsibility to the truth to debunk the lies. We have a responsibility to those before us to maintain the liberty they fought and died for. We have a responsibility to generations to come to protect that freedom. We have a responsibility to those who can’t speak for themselves – like the unborn – to speak out on their behalf. We have a responsibility to those who live in the bondage of darkness to bring the light of truth to them and set them free. And if we shirk those responsibilities, what good are we?

I’m going to leave you with this final word from Jim Caviezel. During an interview recently on Fox & Friends, he gave this stirring speech. Quoting some things that the late President Ronald Reagan had said, Jim offered this…

We can no longer appease and accommodate and retreat because, by doing so, we are surrendering to the enemy. We must be unafraid. We must be righteous. And we must speak out.

Author: stacemassengill

I am a blood-bought saint of God, saved by His amazing Grace! God called me to start Great Commission Ministries online in June of 2011, and that began as a video series called "The GC." After 7 seasons of that web-series, I felt led to expand the ministry to blogs as well as a new video series I called "67 seconds of Encouragement." Eventually, the blogs became a podcast. And the ministry continues to grow from that, currently in the form of The Kingdom Hero Show. My prayer is that this ministry brings hope and encouragement to everyone who finds it. Please share it with others and help spread the Good News of Christ!

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