Dreams, Aliens, and the Coming Deception

The Kingdom Hero Show – Episode 77

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Welcome to The Kingdom Hero Show, where CHRIST is KING and the TRUTH matters! Our mission: To advance the Kingdom of God by shining the Kingdom Light everywhere we go!

On today’s program, yes, you read the title correctly. I am indeed going to talk about dreams, aliens, and the coming deception. Now, I know some of you are already cringing and thinking to yourself, “Is this gonna be another one of those crazy episodes where he talks about weird stuff again?” Look, I realize that most Christians tend to avoid certain topics. But I feel the need to address this stuff because of reasons that will become clear as the show progresses.

So yeah, I will discuss a few actual dreams that I’ve had regarding what some would call the end times. There will indeed be talk of aliens, though likely not in the way you might think. And the bigger focus will be on what the Bible describes as a soon coming great deception. I dare you to stick around and not be at least a little intrigued by what you hear. Just try me. But before we dive in…

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We’ve got a packed show today, so let’s get going…

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Establishing and Controlling the Narrative

Start with the realization that our own government has been lying to us for a very long time about a great many things. This is becoming more obvious every day. Once we establish that, it doesn’t really take a huge leap to connect the dots leading toward there being some kind of evil influence manipulating those who are in positions of power. From there, it becomes quite apparent – to those of us who believe the Bible is the infallible Word of God – just who would be behind such a diabolical plot. Too many “conspiracy theories” have been revealed as fact lately to simply dismiss this.

It’s pretty easy to see how we’ve been conditioned to believe certain things. The powers-that-be have reinforced ideas and thought systems through bombarding us with tried-and-true methods of brainwashing. Lies our government wants us to believe are instantly echoed by practically every news organization on the planet. That message doesn’t stop with the media. It’s also parroted by thousands of learning institutions which are slaves to government funding. They did this just a couple of years ago so we would accept shutdowns of businesses and give up basic liberties in the name of health safety.

There are also hidden entities who covertly impact our society and seek to control every aspect of our lives. They have used numerous tools at their disposal over many years to shape our perceptions. We have been groomed by the entertainment industry, and even by our own government of late, to believe in the likelihood of aliens visiting Earth to help guide us into a new era. The problem comes when we are advised to move away from long-held biblical beliefs in favor of a more globally agreed upon view of our universe.

More and more, we are seeing a trend toward a broader acceptance of aliens being among us. But what’s it all leading to? I believe it’s a huge deception, the largest one yet, that’s about to be played out to fool the whole world.

Already, we’re seeing an influx of online stories like this one…

It’s so incredibly obvious to me that this is an outright demonic lie. Not merely a harmless hoax or fake article, but an actual thought-out attempt to get people to give serious consideration to specific ideas. These are ideas that will lead many into a way of thinking about our world and our existence that is pointedly different from what is taught in scripture.

That is key. If you take a given idea and follow it out to its eventual conclusions, you can know with certainty where the idea came from. If those conclusions can be backed up by or co-exist with biblical truth, fine. It’s when they run counter to the Word of God that we should reject them as lies from the pit of hell.

How do I know this? How do I know that the Bible is the standard by which we ought to test and measure everything? Because of my undeniable experiences with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Yes, my faith is largely based on things that may be hard for non-believers to see or understand. But I also have empirical data to back it up. At some point in my walk with Christ, I went from being simply a believer to being a knower. I had a very real experience that confirmed and further shaped my faith. And a man with that experience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument.

Am I saying I don’t believe it’s possible for alien life to exist? Not remotely. In fact, I would affirm that there is room for a plethora of possibilities in God’s creation. But as the notion is currently being presented by some – intelligent life from other planets – I don’t think it’s very likely, no. Anything that exists would have to have its origin in God. Could He have created intelligent life on other worlds and not made it known to us? Sure, it’s possible. But given my understanding of the Bible and the purpose God has for His people, I find it doubtful that His plans would include such alien life.

But that’s a whole other tangent, and it’s not the issue at hand. I am firmly asserting that what some would lead us to believe – about aliens coming here to help us fix all our problems by steering us toward a global government system in the assumption that this will foster some sort of peaceful utopia and grant us acceptance into a grander community of life throughout the cosmos – as amazing as that may sound on the surface, it’s a lie that could potentially deceive many. Dig more deeply into the conclusions this idea leads us to, and it directly denies God’s design as established in scripture.

What this particular deception hinges upon is that we’re supposedly dealing with actual aliens – advanced lifeforms that only want to guide us to a better tomorrow. I contend that there possibly are beings which are currently still acting behind the scenes, in the shadows, and giving direction to governing powers throughout the world. No, I don’t think that’s a crazy notion. However, I do not believe those beings are alien visitors from other worlds. Instead, they are more likely demons posing as aliens and trying to influence the human race to turn its back on God entirely.

Now, I did not arrive at this fantastical possibility merely on a whim or because of some need to “explain away evidence” – as those who try to explain away God often do. I’ve had numerous experiences that have lead me to this point. Some were spiritual revelations while reading God’s Word. Others were like a word of knowledge and discernment when seeing or reading about one of these claims of alien encounters. And further insight came from several dreams I’ve had on the topic. I believe God has in fact been making me aware of certain things, and so there has to be a good reason for it.

I’m about to share with you some specific dreams that I’ve had, and then I’ll give you my own interpretation of them. Right after I tell you this…

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The following is a compilation of recent dreams, along with my own interpretations of what these dreams are saying to me. Though I have had many such dreams, these are the most recent and most clear. They are also the only ones of their sort that I made notes of soon after waking. I will go in chronological order, beginning just over 2 years ago…

April 7, 2021

Just prior to this, I began having recurring dreams about the same subject matter. When it happened yet again, I decided to make notes of what I could remember. During this one night, I had 2 dreams…

In the 1st dream, there had been an alien takeover of the planet. The human race had become enslaved by these beings. My sense of oppression felt very real.

A little later the same night, the 2nd dream started as though the alien occupation hadn’t happened yet, but I had foreknowledge. I remembered the first dream, like it was a premonition. There was a deep sense of a looming threat. I knew it was coming.

April 28, 2021

Near the end of that same month, I had another dream that lasted all night long. I’d wake up, go back to sleep, and the same dream would just continue. When morning finally came, I was exhausted, but I again made note of what I recalled…

This time, it was a variation of the same theme, but rather than aliens taking over the planet, it was a foreign country taking over the US. Pay close attention to some of these details. Everyone was being rounded up and put into re-education camps. We were told that our former government was guilty of atrocities and our new overlords would be fair and just.

It was all propaganda, but much of the youngest generation was buying into it. Young people in their teens and 20s were even speaking on behalf of and in favor of the new regime – very reminiscent of the Hitler Youth, or of Orwells’ 1984. That same overall sense of oppression was again very prevalent.

Now let’s fast-forward to the most recent and most intense dream I’ve had to date. This one was so detailed and made such an impact on me, that it consumed my thoughts for several hours into the next day. I became obsessed with its content to the point that I found it hard to focus on the reality of my regular daily life.

January 16, 2023

In this dream, a large alien ship had arrived, hovering above Earth. Though it had happened the day before, I didn’t remember it. I was in a room with a bunch of people talking about it, and I kept asking them to tell me exactly what had happened. They were like, “What do you mean, you don’t remember it?! Have you been under a rock or something?” It was like they were totally aware of something that I wasn’t, and that bugged me.

I remained skeptical about all of it, even though the evidence indicated it was all true: the aliens were in control, and it was now understood that there was no God. That last part, I just couldn’t swallow. How could everyone be fooled into believing this? Despite everything I was seeing and hearing, I held to my faith.

Then there was some kind of announcement over an intercom from the alien ship. It explained that humans would continue to be transported to the ship for a necessary medical procedure, like it had been going on since their arrival, and I knew it hadn’t happened to me yet. Perhaps this was why everyone else in the room I spoke to was convinced of something that I just couldn’t believe.

The voice said to be prepared, that “the transfer could be intense and come at any moment.” Transfer, meaning some type of teleportation would transport me from where I was to somewhere aboard the alien vessel. I still had my concerns about it all being a huge deception of some kind, but I also figured I would be taken soon and perhaps find some answers.

Not long after, as I was sitting in that room with all those people, I began to feel a really strange sensation. It’s hard to describe. It was as though I was being pulled by an unseen force across the room, and everything was tilting sideways. Everything in my field of vision was getting blurry, while time also appeared to be speeding up. I saw the people in that room moving around in a blurred fast forward motion, as if I was not only being pulled out of the room but also out of time itself. Crazy, right?

I surmised that I was being transported to the alien ship. The process felt very strange, as I said, and I knew that I needed to call out to God in that very moment. So while it was happening, I began to pray. Calling on the name of Jesus, I asked God to protect me. There was a fade out to white as the transport process ended. When my vision cleared, I was now supposedly aboard the ship.

I found myself in a room where the medical procedures were taking place. There was one lady ahead of me, standing in front of a tall doctor. By doctor, I mean he looked like a human man, but I somehow knew he wasn’t. He finished with her and motioned me toward him. It was my turn.

As he held his hand out toward me, I inexplicably felt compelled to kneel in front of him. He used a small surgical instrument, and I could feel as he pulled open a small hole on the back of my head. It wasn’t painful, just an odd sensation, as he gradually removed a tiny portion of my brain. He would attempt to alter it somehow, and then replace it. It felt really weird. But things were just about to get even weirder.

During this time, presumably while the doctor was trying to alter my memories, I was shown a vision of what I can only describe as an alternate version of myself. He was thinner, married, and living in Knoxville. It was as if, in some other reality, I had gone to college in Knoxville like my older siblings and ended up living there. I felt like I was physically there myself, watching. But then, I went from observing as a spectator to viewing through the other me’s eyes, and yet I still somehow knew that it couldn’t be real.

That’s when I decided to look around and make note of as many things as I could. It was a sunny day, and I was on a residential corner in Knoxville. There was a street sign, but I was struggling to read it. My phone said it was 9:48am, but my watch read 8:48 – like the difference in Eastern and Central time. That detail threw me a bit. And the date was the same as it was already in my dream, only it was earlier that morning – as though they were trying to reprogram me to believe something other than what I knew to be true.

As the vision (or fake memory) began to fade, I then found myself with two nurses who helped me remove a hospital gown, which I didn’t remember putting on. I also removed some latex gloves with blood on them? Not sure what that was about. Still presumably on the alien ship, I kept playing along as not to give away that their attempt to reprogram me had failed. I could only figure that my prayers were answered and God protected me from the procedure.

There was actually even more to the dream, if you can believe that, but the rest is fuzzy. The whole thing was just surreal. I awoke feeling quite perplexed, and I couldn’t shake that feeling for hours afterward. What could all that have been about? All the details, the way things felt – this was NOT just one of those dreams you wake up from, shake your head and dismiss it, and then go about your day. I’ll share some revelations and insights on these dreams in just a moment. Don’t go anywhere!

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Recent dreams and ponderings have brought me to a realization that seems to have been just on the periphery of my understanding for some time now, and it’s all starting to make perfect sense…to ME, at least.


This is what I believe might be the case:

Please keep in mind that the following thoughts are my own. Do NOT hang any kind of doctrine on what I’m about to share. It’s mostly conjecture on my part, I’ll admit that, but I contend that it’s one of many possibilities…

The evil forces that have remained hidden in the shadows for so long – I believe – are about to be exposed, but many will not see them for what they truly are. But let me get straight to the crux of what I think might be one of the biggest revelations of our day…if I’m right.

These forces, most definitely demonic in nature, have fooled a large number of powerful people into believing that they are actually aliens who’ve come to deliver the human race into a new Era. They have secretly been manipulating our governments for decades, centuries, and perhaps longer. They control what we call the Deep State, pulling strings behind the scenes.

Consider… When a third of the angelic beings followed Lucifer in a war rebelling against God, they were banished from the heavenly realms. They were literally cast out of God’s presence, out of the place of His eternal existence – which is outside of time – and they fell to earth. It makes sense then that these fallen beings might have been scattered over the expanse of created time, deposited across a great many years of our history.

Many could have come crashing down to earth during times when they would have likely been feared and seen as gods coming down from the heavens. Some would crash during a period when they would be viewed as extraterrestrial beings from another planet.

In modern times, governments would quickly swoop in to cover up their arrival and spin stories to deceive and distract people from the truth. By now, a great many of these demonic beings will have been in power behind the scenes. Only people who are at the highest levels of the deep state would know the truth, and they would do anything and everything to keep it hidden.

Their ultimate goal is to deceive the human race, God’s crowning creation, and subjugate us. They may have very well been behind many horrible atrocities throughout history. The holocaust of the Jews, human experimentation, plagues and viruses, the slaughter of millions of babies through abortion, and countless genocides – what if humans did these things at their request?

Though they’ve been here for a long time, I believe there is a soon coming time of trickery designed to fool the whole world. Part of that trickery might include something called, Project Blue Beam – a very real existing technology that produces high resolution holograms. [think: the holodecks on Star Trek TNG] One strong possibility is that this tech could be used to convince people that we’re being invaded by a hostile alien race from another planet.

Imagine a sky full of alien space ships, projected holograms that look real enough to fool and panic the populous. Those in charge would use that fear to control us, and soon the Great Reset would be our reality. People would fall in line and willingly give up all rights out of hysteria, much like they did during the covid scare. Only this would be far more devastating, helping to bring about a true New World Order.

Again, this is merely one of many possible scenarios. But know this… A Great Deception is indeed coming. More on that in a bit…

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Yeah, a great deception is coming, folks. I believe we may be on the cusp of it right now. This is why, all the more, we must be prepared for it. We have to pray and seek God, asking Him for wisdom and clarity of focus. Many will be fooled, and we must maintain our firm foundation in Christ and the Word of God to protect our minds. We will know the truth, and that truth will set us free.

Indeed, the Bible speaks of a coming deception so great that it will fool multitudes of people. The sheer wonder of future events will astonish people to the point of altering their beliefs. Scripture warns us that there will be a large “falling away” among believers. And the more I see this alien story being pushed closer and closer to the forefront, the more I’m convinced that THIS could very well be what that prophesied deception may involve.

Regardless, do not be fooled! This could all happen under the guise of the advancement and betterment of mankind. The end result, however, will be one in which much of mankind will become united against Christianity – the only true faith standing in the way of this dark agenda. Those who follow after these enticing falsehoods will stand with the enemy, against God and His people, and ultimately against the returning Christ on that final day.

As the Bible says, “Beware of false teachings.” So beware of anything that would lead you away from faith in Jesus. We are called to make war in the heavenlies through fervent prayer and meditation on the Word, to tear down principalities and every stronghold of the enemy, to stand firm, to call out and cast down every demonic influence and every high thing that would exalt itself against the knowledge of God.

And Here’s the Good News: The Great Deception isn’t the Only Great Thing That’s Headed Our Way. Another Great Awakening is Already Upon Us!

Have no fear. A day of light is coming. Every dark corner will be lit up, and every secret will be revealed. The enemy is going to be exposed for the whole world to see, and they’re scared. They will not go quietly. They will spin the narrative and continue to deceive as many people as they can. In the end, they will fail.

Prepare to be amazed! God’s church is about to rise up. Even now, He is preparing us. He’s pouring His Spirit out on all flesh, and we are being changed. Some are seeing visions or having dreams, while others are being gifted with a Holy anointing to see the truth that is still hidden from most eyes. I don’t personally claim to be a prophet, but there are indeed prophets in the world today. We have to measure everything with the Bible. But rest assured, the day is close at hand when ALL WILL SEE THE GLORY OF GOD THE FATHER!!!

Yes, our enemies will soon fall for the final time, but some very dark things must take place first. Be ready. And have faith! God won’t be outdone, and His people will prevail. Those who believe say, “Come now, Jesus! Your Kingdom reigns forever!”

Saints, grab your swords! It’s time for action! I’m just sayin’.

-End Transcript –

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