Episode 34: Whatever Happened to Civil Discourse?

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– begin transcript –

Welcome, everyone, to another Kingdom Hero Blogcast. You know, there once was a time – at least, I think there used to be a time – when people were a little more civil with one another. No, I know there have always been arguments and even times when people let their sinful nature get the best of them. Yes, since the time of Cain and Abel, there has even been murder. But when people had a simple disagreement, it didn’t always have to turn into a big deal. It didn’t have to come to blows. Folks could debate an issue from opposing sides and still go home as friends. Even if in the end there was no middle ground to agree upon, two people could agree to disagree and leave it at that. I’d respect your right to believe as you do, and you’d respect my right to believe differently than you. Peaceful coexistence and cooler heads could prevail. But sadly, that time seems to be behind us. There no longer appears to be room for civil discourse among many in today’s society. Now, if you disagree with someone, they accuse you of hate and prejudice. Instead of friendly debate, they choose to personally attack and even mock you for believing something contrary to their preferred personal truth. We see it everyday in our current culture. Freedom of speech is only good when you agree with the popular narrative. If you don’t, then your speech is curtailed. You are censored. You are cancelled. You are essentially banished from the public forum. On this episode, we will challenge that mentality. And we will take back, reclaim our rightful place at the podium. We cannot and will not be silent any longer. We owe more than that to our predecessors and to our posterity. Standby, folks. I’m Stace Massengill, and I’m just saying…

– open theme –

My apologies for the month-long hiatus. As many of you no doubt know by now, November was a very busy month for me personally. We buried my father, we began the grieving process, and then the family had a somewhat somber Thanksgiving in Tennessee – the first of many holidays without my dad, so it’s been a tough time for us. We miss him, and I’m sure this feeling won’t go away anytime soon – if at all in this life. But we are all moving forward, and it’s time to get back to living our lives now.

And speaking of getting back to living our lives, this is yet another bone of contention among many people today. 2020 has been tough for most all of us, and that is an understatement. The pandemic, the shutdowns, the job losses, the lost wages, the mandates and restrictions, the masks – ALL of it. And it’s taking its toll on the populous. People are tired. People are upset. People are anxious. People are depressed. Suicide rates are up. Morale is down. Even among our kids.

I read an article recently about a young boy who had otherwise been leading a normal, healthy life before the mandated school closings. After months of virtual isolation, not being able to go hang out with friends and play and just BE a little boy, he became depressed. The signs were subtle, and before his parents could notice the change in his demeanor was truly serious…it was too late. A child, a young boy not even yet in his teens, in a moment of misguided desperation, he hung himself. And that family lost a precious life – one that had barely begun to live.

This tragedy could have been avoided. It SHOULD have never happened. But you don’t hear about stories like this one because it goes against the popular narrative that the government knows what’s best for all of us – that we somehow are just not smart enough to take care of ourselves – no, we need some wise politician to tell us how to live, where to go and not go, and when it’s safe or unsafe to gather with family and friends. But did they take into account the adverse effects of all the stay-at-home orders?

How did we get here? How did “let’s close everything down for a couple of weeks to flatten the curve” – how did that turn into month after month after month of mask-wearing and “oh, now we need to shut everything down again” and “we need mask mandates in public, at home, in your cars, and everywhere” – WHAT?! How did this happen, and how did WE – as free American citizens – LET this happen?

A big part of the reason so many were quiet as restriction after restriction chipped away at our God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? I’ll tell ya. We have been so inundated over the past several decades with this absurd notion that government is our savior. Whatever happens, whatever troubles come our way, the government will save us! They’ll get us out of this mess, we just have to obey. Comply. Do whatever they say because THEY know what’s best, right? Unemployed due to the pandemic? No worries, there’s a government program for that.

Nevermind the fact that the pandemic didn’t make you lose your job – the government’s overstepping overreaction to the pandemic is what caused you to lose your job. Oh, but, shhhh! No, there’s no place for facts like that here – that violates our community standards and guidelines or some other such nonsense. And THAT’s why so many remained so silent for so long – for fear of being shushed, mocked, ridiculed, laughed at, silenced, censored, and shut down for having an alternate opinion from our all-knowing, all-seeing, and all-caring governmental overlords. They understand better than we do, so we should just be complicit and let them decide how we should all live our lives to best serve the greater good.

[Hot Fuzz clip: The Greater Good]

But it is NOT for the greater good that we keep quiet. It’s not for anyone’s good that we keep our facts and opposing views to ourselves. Oh, our opponents on the left would LOVE it if we’d just shut up. But society as a whole will suffer without some kind of standard and moral compass. And not just ANY kind of standard will do. We have to declare the truth – immediately, unashamedly, and continuously. Immediately, as in whenever and wherever lies are portrayed as truth, they must be refuted. Unashamedly, as in without hesitation and with boldness to insure swift justice. And continuously, as in relentlessly and without ceasing, to constantly beat back the schemes of the wicked. Oh yeah, there are definitely wicked schemes at work when it comes to keeping the populous docile, unarmed, and complicit…like sheep. Believe it.

– break transcript –

Here we are – almost a month after the election – and we still don’t have a definitive handle on who really won the race for president. Of course, the popular narrative is that Biden won. But then, it was also once the popular narrative that Trump colluded with Russia. “We have proof” they said. “The evidence is overwhelming” they said. As it turned out, those were lies. There was no proof, and no evidence was found, but they kept telling us that for nearly three years.

Now, there seems to be mounting evidence of fraud taking place in this election. But what we’re told is exactly the opposite. The same people who once warned us about the threat of outside influence in our country’s elections are now saying that it just can’t happen. Facebook constantly reminds us that “There are laws in place that prevent election fraud.” Since when has any law actually prevented a crime? People who are determined to speed, steal, or kill aren’t stopped from doing so just because there’s a law against it. They just try not to get caught. Twitter claimed – as did other liberal outlets – that “There is zero evidence of voter fraud.” They said their “fact-checkers confirmed” this. But how can they possibly confirm such a thing? Courts decide what is actual evidence and if it’s admissible, not so-called fact-checkers.

And when has there ever been ZERO evidence of voter fraud anyway? Are we supposed to believe that – though mankind has always found ways to subvert the laws of the land, and people’s proclivity for cleverly and covertly doing evil things is rampant in every other aspect of society – THIS, this one thing, election integrity is beyond man’s desire or ability to circumvent? Just how dumb do they think we are? I’m having a hard time grasping that anyone with an IQ above that of a box of rocks could keep buying all the nonsense the left is selling us.

You KNOW that they wouldn’t hesitate to cry “foul” if the shoe was on the other foot. We put up with four years of them doing nothing but calling Trump a bigot, a misogynist, a Russian agent, and anything else they could think of with not even a shred of real proof – despite efforts to manufacture evidence and manipulate public opinion through the media. Now they want us to just ignore Sidney Powell, Rudy Guilianni, Jenna Ellis, Lt. General Thomas McInerney, and all the witnesses and signed affidavits that strongly suggest that the election was rigged in favor of Biden. But that’s what we’re up against any time we dispute anything with the left.

When they don’t get their way, they throw tantrums. They riot. They loot. They burn down buildings. If we see an injustice and so much as speak out about it, we’re lambasted as trouble-making idiots. You don’t agree and go along with what they say is the truth, and you are labeled an anarchist and a radical right-winger. Don’t you dare ask a question that challenges the status quo. Don’t dare quote facts or cite evidence to these people on the left. We are being conditioned to avoid even explaining our beliefs or opinions or concerns when it contradicts what they want us to think.

We’re supposed to just keep silent and believe that none of the well-documented stories about Dominion voting machines and Hammer & Scorecard and vote-flipping software are actually true. We’re expected to believe there was nothing odd or fishy about the ceasing of ballot-counting in the middle of the night … in four major cities … which just happen to be run by democrats … and just happen to be located in key swing states. And somehow, a man who repeatedly filled stadiums at his rallies was beaten by the incoherent career politician who didn’t even campaign and couldn’t fill a dozen circles in a high school gymnasium.

[Biden clip: “Come on, man!”]

– break transcript –

I wanna bring all of this back to reality here. Let’s look at everything that’s going on in our nation, and in the world for that matter. The pessimistic doom and gloom outlook comes easy. It does. But that’s not for me. And that’s not the kind of outlook we’re supposed to have as Christians. As believers in God, we should remember that God has a plan – a perfect plan – and His plans will not be thwarted. Is it in God’s plan for Trump to remain in office another four years or for Biden to become president? I honestly don’t know. But I DO know this with absolute certainty… My life as a follower of Jesus will not be impacted by who is sitting in the Oval Office. My life and my state of mind are determined by who is sitting on the Throne of Heaven.

Now I’ve heard a lot of talk from some of my brothers and sisters in Christ. I’ve heard some things that don’t set right with me regarding the state of the world and so-called prophecies of things to come. When those things don’t line up with the Word of God, I have to reject that stuff. A preacher recently claimed to have a dream about coming doom, but whereas his prophecy was heavy on terror and woe, it was lacking on biblical guidance. When I hear people in churches saying, “We need to start stock-piling provisions like food, water, and even ammunition,” I have to rebuke that. Where is the scriptural precedent for that? Where in Jesus’ teachings did He advise people to store up weapons?

Here’s a bit of an unpopular narrative: Jesus told Peter that “those who live by the sword will die by the sword.” Now understand, I am all for our right to protect ourselves. I’m a big supporter of the 2nd Amendment. I own a gun for protection, and I know how to use it. Does that mean I don’t trust God to protect me? No, quite the opposite. But He gave me good enough sense to know there is wisdom in taking precautions. However, I don’t own a gun because of fear. Fear is not my motivation. It doesn’t even enter into the equation. I’m not “living by” the gun. It’s a tool I can use to protect my life and my stuff. But being led to stock up on guns, food, etc., is living in fear. That’s a bit more than just being cautious, don’t ya think?

So if I were of a mind that I thought I should stock-pile food, water, guns, and ammo – my motivation would be one of fear, and this would demonstrate a lack of trust in God. The Bible very plainly tells us that “we are not given a spirit of fear, but of peace and a sound mind.” That kind of fear is not from God. I will do whatever I can to be wise, to be safe, and to even be cautious…but I refuse to be fearful. Whether it has to do with someone breaking into my home, or some global threat, I will not live my life in fear. And no, I certainly am not going to be terrified of a virus with a 99.97% survival rate.

There are evil forces at work in our world that want us to live in fear. There are politicians and bureaucrats who want to keep us in fear, and in subjection, and dependent upon government benefits to survive. But I refuse to be what those powers and principalities want me to be. I am a child of God. I am covered with the blood of the Lamb. And no weapon formed against me will prosper. God’s plan will see fruition. His will is going to prevail. I stand on His promises, and so my outlook is not one of doom but of victory. These are not just empty platitudes or Christian sayings – this is what I believe, and so it ought to be how I live my life.

And hey, after all the legal battles and court rulings are done, if Joe Biden does become president, that won’t affect my outlook on life either. As a matter of fact, let me say this… As Christians, we need to be praying for Joe Biden. Not just the people we like, and not just because we’re suppose to pray for our enemies. No, make no mistake – Biden is NOT our enemy. Nancy Pelosi is not our enemy. Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumar, Adam Schiff – as dirty as some might be, we were once no better. God loves them as much as He does you or I, but hear me on this: We need to pray for Joe Biden for other reasons…

1) Joe Biden is not a well man. He is elderly. He is obviously mentally compromised. Despite what the democrat party would have you believe, Mr. Biden is struggling physically and mentally. I’ve seen his health deteriorate over the last couple of years, and I can’t help but notice the similarities to how my dad’s health began failing. Joe’s battle with dementia is clearly evident, and though it’s been a source of jokes, it’s a serious issue. For this, the man needs our prayers.

2) Since Biden’s mental decline has been so obvious and yet so unacknowledged by those in his own party, it is equally apparent that he is being used. These people don’t care about Joe. He’s simply a means to an end for them. They are using him to get radical leftist people like Kamala Harris in power to advance a socialist agenda. If Biden were to become president, he would likely soon be declared mentally unfit for office. Truth be told, he probably doesn’t have but a year or two left to live anyway. And I don’t say that with any ill intent. I just see his declining health somewhat mirroring that of my late father. The signs are there, and it’s easy for me to see. So again, he needs our prayers.

So, to wrap this up… We honestly cannot afford to sit by and allow injustices to go unchecked. I say this a lot on my show, but it bears repeating over and over again because we need to hear it, and we need to be reminded that we are supposed to be salt and light to this world. When salt is in a dish, it doesn’t tolerate blandness. When light is in a room, it doesn’t tolerate darkness – it obliterates it. We’ve been told for so long that we have to be tolerant. But there are some things that we shouldn’t tolerate – cruelty, murder, rape, or any other injustice. Good does not tolerate evil. It overcomes it.

Witness an injustice…don’t be silent. Speak out. Hear a false claim…don’t bite your tongue. Refute the lies with truth. Yes, even in the face of incivility. Even the violent resistance of the uncivilized doesn’t stop our duty to the truth. See a need…don’t ignore it. Fill it. Do what is right, and uphold the righteous. And pray. Pray that God’s light will continue to illuminate those dark places, that the wickedness done in secret will be exposed for all to see, and pray for lost souls – especially those of people in leadership, so that they will follow the will of God for our country and our world. I’m Stace Massengill, and I’m just sayin’.

– end transcript –

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