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Episode 70

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Welcome to The Kingdom Hero Show, where CHRIST is KING and the TRUTH matters! Our mission: To advance the Kingdom of God by studying the Word and making real-world application of Kingdom-mindedness.

On today’s program: Truth, Truth, and MORE TRUTH. It’s what the vast majority of the people really want, believe it or not. Those few in the minority who like being spoon-fed the lies that help them sleep at night notwithstanding, most people would prefer you be honest with them even if the truth is uncomfortable. This episode will expose more lies and bring focus to the truth. And that includes big news from Truth Social, coming up.

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Yeah, you heard correctly – we are now on Truth Social, and I for one am absolutely LOVING IT! For a few months now since the launch of Trump’s “big-tent” free speech social platform, it has only been available for iPhone users through the App Store. After weeks of beta-testing, the platform just this week made itself available to millions more people. Everyone can now access Truth Social through your favorite web browser. The addition of the web app prompted such an influx of new accounts that Truth’s web servers went down several times during the last couple of days.

In fact, I have a good friend who is somewhat involved with the platform, and she has been passing me occasional tidbits of news and progress reports regarding the beta-testing and so on. She was the one who let me know when the web version of the platform was ready for new users. But she also said that there were over 2 million people trying to create new accounts during a 2-hour period, which caused some server issues, so they had to slow things down a bit for a time. This thing is really catching fire quickly.

I encourage you to jump aboard the Truth train and see for yourself how much better things are without all the algorithms keeping you from being seen and heard. I noticed a difference right away. Almost as soon as I’d opened my account and posted my first “truth,” I started gaining followers. It really is a wide open and free exchange of ideas platform. Don’t take my word for it, though. Head over to and see for yourself. And be sure to follow me there @StaceMassengill.

So, here’s the first lie I want to quickly debunk. The mainstream media on the left keep trying to downplay the popularity of Truth Social. Is it really all that it’s hyped up to be? Uh, YEAH, it really is. They actually say that it’s not as popular as Trump says, even though it has been the number one downloaded app from the iPhone App Store practically ever since the platform launched earlier this year. It’s like, are they trying to fool their own viewership, or are they just trying to convince themselves? In truth, the actual demand for access to Truth Social has been overwhelming, just as I’ve said.

Unfortunately, for people like me who use Android phones, the app hasn’t been available like it has on iPhone. This is, of course, because Google owns Android and has done everything in its power to keep Truth Social out of the Google Play Store. As we know, Google is evil. I’m still making efforts to separate myself from the company, but its tentacles are many and far-reaching. Thank goodness for Truth’s new web app! I honestly can’t say enough good things about it. So let’s move on.

It is my view that more and more people are waking up the realization that they have been lied to for a very long time now, and what those people crave most of all today is the truth. It’s happening across the political spectrum, as we’re seeing more of those who had been left-leaning their entire lives are now moving to the right of center. Life-long democrats are making the jump to voting republican because they’re seeing the dire results of the failed policies of the Democrat Party. And as more truth comes out about the corruption that has infected the majority of the left, more people are joining us on the right.

Just this week, Elon Musk announced that he intends to vote Republican for the first time ever. He’s already become a thorn in the side of the dems, but he still isn’t a conservative. He has always leaned more left of center. But yes, he does believe in free speech – which the left hates. It is the left’s staunch opposition to free speech and desire to censor all who disagree with them, more than anything else, which has pushed Musk and many others away from them and toward the right.

We’ve seen the cancer of cancel-culture devour many on the left as well as on the right. A great many people who had always been left-leaning took exception to being cancelled and maligned for holding certain more traditional views, and some of them have had about enough of the insanity and divisiveness and sheer hatred of the left. Entertainers and comedians who have taken flack for not following the far left crowd are sick of it. While some of these are mere baby steps in the right direction, it’s good to see people starting to come to their senses about this cult of leftist extremism.

Actor/Comedian Dave Chappelle has been harangued by the left in recent months simply for being a little too honest in his stand-up bits. They now call him misogynistic, anti-trans, and even socially irresponsible. All this because his comedy isn’t “sensitive” to the woke nonsense narrative. He was recently attacked on stage by someone in the audience wielding a knife. Chappelle was not seriously harmed, but the attack was no doubt the result of his being demonized by the left to the extent that some mentally unstable person deemed it necessary to go after him.

Isaiah Lee, the man who attacked Chappelle, had brought a lethal weapon with him to the event – a switchblade knife. That speaks to likely premeditation. The act of charging at Chappelle with the deadly weapon speaks to intent – that intent would be murder. So, premeditated attempted murder, right? Not according to the LA District Attorney. This thwarted assault with a weapon was no felony, but merely a misdemeanor. A misdemeanor? Really? What, because Lee failed to kill Chappelle? But then, that’s what we’ve come to expect from those left-leaners in the “justice” system.

Actor Chris Pratt has been attacked a number of times in the Twitterverse by people who despise him for his Christian faith. Famous for his roles in several MCU films and the Jurassic World franchise, Pratt has come to expect hatred from those who have a skewed view of Christianity. They have simply decided unfairly that he is an enemy of the LGBTQ+ community. While the Bible does teach of sexual immorality being sin, these people equate that with being hateful and intolerant toward their lifestyle. They totally ignore the genuinely decent person that Pratt actually is, and that he has never disrespected anyone else for their beliefs. No, what matters is that he disagrees with us, and we view that as hate, and so we’re right and he’s wrong!

Several movie-going fans of the Marvel films have even tweeted out that Pratt should be replaced, wanting his role of “Star-Lord” to be recast with an actor who isn’t …well, ya know…Christian. Thankfully, Director James Gunn has come out in defense of him. Gunn flat out stated, “Chris Pratt would never be replaced as Star-Lord but, if he ever was, we would all be going with him.” This was another refreshing thing to see happen in an environment like the entertainment industry, which so often bows down to the woke crowds of the left.

As people get an opportunity to see what’s really going on and what freedoms are being trampled on, they are opening their eyes and ears to the truth. Even popstar Katy Perry has stated that her recent move from Hollywood to Kentucky has been a very positive and eye-opening experience. The singer has relocated to Kentucky while her fiancé, Orlando Bloom, is filming a movie outside of Louisville. She said that moving out of Hollywood has helped her gain some perspective. Perry went on to say that she has come to realize that Hollywood is not America. No kidding!

There are other examples, but what I’m saying is that people have been feeling the restrictiveness and fascism long enough to realize that they don’t like it. I really think that we’re going to see more and more of this wake-up from woke-ism in the coming months and years. People are tired of being told what they can and can’t say, or what they can and can’t think. They’re fed up with the censorship and the arrogance of one group of people thinking they know what’s best for everyone else. And yes, they’re tired of being lied to at every turn. There is a growing hunger arising. A hunger for the old days of more freedom, lower gas prices, unmatched job-growth, a booming economy, and an honest media. That’s right, a hunger for truth. And they’re learning that, hey, a few mean tweets…that’s not really so bad.

-Break Transcript –

Are you hungry for more truth? Let’s look at what really happened at Disney – once a fairly wholesome and family friendly entertainment company, but now just another corrupted corporation that panders to the left and their depraved ideals. This story from Blaze News shines a light on some current and former Disney employees who are tired of watching a once great company go down this dark road. And they aren’t afraid now to be vocal about it. Here’s the article…

Here’s what some of them had to say…

Christian conservative values are no longer welcome at Disney. Why do you suppose that is? Perhaps because the company has embraced the dark side.

[Darth Vader clip: “You underestimate the power of the dark side.”]

Yeah well, don’t underestimate the power of God and His people as we continue to fight back against the evil leftist agenda. As I said, more people are seeing the light and coming to know the truth about this oppressive authoritarian menace that has taken over and corrupted our government and many companies within our country. The more we expose them, the more desperate they get and the more they say the quiet parts out loud. We can’t let up now, either. We’re on the verge of a major victory, but we’re not quite there yet.

Look at these two exchanges. In the first, congressman Jamie Raskin gets the tables turned on him as he’s attempting to grill Ms. Catherine Glenn Foster about a proposed bill to ban abortion entirely. This is priceless.

Oh, of course. He’s not about to answer that question. No way! She puts him on the spot, knowing he’ll never support any bill that restricts – much less bans – killing these babies for any reason, period. She exposed him right there, and all he could do was try to deflect.

The truth is that Raskin knows full well that rape and incest only account for about half of one percent of the abortions conducted. Meaning more than 99% of abortions have nothing to do with rape or incest and everything to do with convenience and shirking responsibility for creating a life. But he and others like him keep singing that same old song.

The second clip I wanna show you demonstrates the sheer lack of a valid explanation when one of these pro-abortionists is confronted with the truly perfect question about the immorality of killing babies. This is representative Mike Johnson asking Ms. Aimee Arrambide about the difference between a child who is 2 years old and one who is still in the womb. Check this out…

WOW is right. Notice how she stammered and paused because the truth was smacking her in the face? Then she finally falls back to her original talking point of trusting people to decide what to do with their own bodies. But the unborn humans are NOT their bodies! They fall back to this lie of a cliche, it’s my body and my choice. No, it’s NOT your body. It’s someone else’s body, and you’re fighting for the “right” to KILL IT. Every argument they have just falls apart when the truth comes into the picture. And they have no response to the truth, none – it baffles them – and all they know to do is go back and try to regroup and deflect the issue with the same old lies they use as talking points. Truth wins, folks. And it’s winning a lot more right now than it has in quite a while.

And is it just possible that Elon Musk has set about NOT to simply purchase Twitter but instead to expose its many secrets? So much has come out now while the buyout is on hold. Fake accounts, blatant biases, and so on. Musk is shaking up the company to its core. For all his flaws, the man is clearly a genius. I don’t know what his endgame is for sure, but I don’t think we’ve seen it yet. I really am starting to think that his goal might not be to buy Twitter after all. He may, but what he’s uncovering in the mean time is so much more interesting than a mere takeover of Twitter.

It was discovered this week that about half of President Biden’s followers on Twitter were actually spam bots or fake accounts. I think the rest are probably sheep, but that’s beside the point. If half his followers on social media aren’t real, just imagine how many of those supposed 81 million votes for him in 2020 weren’t real either! Ya know? Truth is coming out because people are starving for it. Dinesh D’Souza’s film, 2000 Mules, is gaining in popularity – and the demand is so great that it’s about to be re-released in theaters. God is moving. He’s orchestrating things in His timing and equipping His people to uncover and reveal all of hell’s deep dark secrets to the world.

Again, this isn’t a time to sit back and brag on how we’re kicking the enemy’s butt. No, this is the moment when we must keep pushing and keep exposing the lies until the enemy is completely and irrevocably defeated once and for all. Your team doesn’t stop playing just because they scored a few points in the first quarter. At least, they’d better not if they expect to win. Keep playing until that last whistle, or buzzer. Keep pushing forward and fighting until that final trumpet sounds, my friends! The world is starving for the truth and for Jesus, and it’s our job to deliver. We have to finish the race set before us, and we must be in it to win it. I’m just saying.

-End Transcript –

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I am a blood-bought saint of God, saved by His amazing Grace! God called me to start Great Commission Ministries online in June of 2011, and that began as a video series called "The GC." After 7 seasons of that web-series, I felt led to expand the ministry to blogs as well as a new video series I called "67 seconds of Encouragement." Eventually, the blogs became a podcast. And the ministry continues to grow from that, currently in the form of The Kingdom Hero Show. My prayer is that this ministry brings hope and encouragement to everyone who finds it. Please share it with others and help spread the Good News of Christ!

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