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Episode 66

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Welcome to The Kingdom Hero Show, where CHRIST is KING and the TRUTH matters! Our mission: To advance the Kingdom of God through study of the Word and making real-world application of Godly character and Kingdom-mindedness.

In this episode, I’m gonna talk about a number of things – current events, the Twitter buyout, the left’s so-called “Ministry of Truth,” and more. Also, how should we respond to the constant misrepresentation of our Christian faith? And why does that matter? We’ll get to all of this in just a moment.

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Okay, let’s jump into it folks!

I know I haven’t mentioned this yet on the show, but I want to take a minute and acknowledge the recent buyout of Twitter by Elon Musk. Now, as I have previously stated, I’m not a really big fan of Musk overall, but he certainly has said and done some things that made those on the far left lose their minds – and THAT I can undoubtedly appreciate.

As for his purchase of Twitter, along with funding from a few others, I can only see this as a positive. Let’s face it, Twitter has become a megaphone for the left. We’ve seen conservative voices cancelled and banned from the platform, not the least of which was a sitting POTUS. The hard left stance and unfair censorship was potent and obvious before Musk made his move. If he fulfills his stated intentions, Twitter can be salvaged, and things should get better in terms of free speech on the platform.

The only other thing about this that I want to point out is how it has forced the left to again show their true colors. As long as they enjoyed the status quo of having the allegiance of Twitter execs, getting their way in having conservatives silenced and kicked off the platform, it was all hunky dory. But now with Musk promising to restore free speech to it, the meltdown on the left is – well, it’s kinda hilarious.

Not once – not a single time did Elon Musk ever say he was going to ban leftist voices or censor them in any way. But judging from their response to him, it’s obvious that they feel threatened. Why? Because the left has been the only group truly free to express their views up to now. They could count on their opposition to be suppressed or banned. Not so anymore. The fact is that those on the left don’t like being challenged. If Musk truly restores a free exchange of ideas and viewpoints, the left knows it’s doomed.

This all goes back to the fact that this far left I speak of is in the minority. They KNOW they’re in the minority. Which, in a republic such as ours, any minority can still have a voice. But they have only ever sought to drown out any and every voice of opposition to them. While claiming to wear the guise of free speech advocates, they have never truly wanted free speech for anyone but themselves. Opposition scares them. They can’t handle it. And their staunch outcries against Musk bear witness to that fact.

Let me share this post I made recently. If you follow my accounts on social media, you probably saw this. But here is just a very short list of things we learned from 2020 – aptly, I call it 2020 Hindsight. This was originally shared on my Locals account…

Now let me go at this in reverse order here, starting with number 3. This goes right along with the point I just made regarding the left freaking out over Elon Musk promising to reform Twitter and loosen up the algorithms and restore free speech. The idea of this leveling of the playing field scares the daylights out of the left. They feel threatened by it, and this is why they are even risking everyone seeing them for the frauds and cowards that they are by coming out and attacking Musk.

The left craves power, and they’re afraid of losing it. That’s why they hate and attack Trump, it’s why they cheered when he and so many others got bumped by Twitter in its previous regime, and it’s why they are shaking in their boots with panic right now. Every day, more and more truth is coming to light – as it always does – and the lies and criminality of the forces on the left are being exposed. The evil that likes the cover of darkness is cringing as that veil is lifted.

We’ve learned that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg funneled millions upon millions of dollars into the efforts to rig the 2020 election. The mainstream media won’t tell you the truth, so other independent and uncorrupted sources have to. Investigations are showing how thousands of people were paid to illegally harvest ballots in key states, and cellphone location records confirm the unusual data that points to excessive drops being made into ballot drop boxes in those areas. It was enough to hand Biden a victory where he truly lost in a landslide to Trump.

There are two investigative documentaries I hope you will watch as soon as you can. One is called “Rigged,” and it covers what I’ve just mentioned and more of the illegal activities that helped steal the 2020 presidential election. This isn’t just hearsay or conspiracy theories, there is actual proof that is begging to be brought to light. The other film is by Dinesh D’Souza, and it’s called, “2000 Mules.” It documents with video evidence and cellphone data the illegal ballot harvesting of a network of people coordinating with and being paid by the left.

Check out this trailer for 2000 Mules –

Furthermore, all of this was made possible by the manufactured covid scare. The left seized this opportunity to change voting laws just prior to the election, enabling shady tactics that would have never before been allowed to take place. People were fear-mongered into staying home instead of going to the polls to vote, millions of mail-in ballots were sent out – often more than one per person and many times to people who were deceased – the leftist media claimed along with their buddies in the DNC that there was no concern about election fraud, even though there was plenty of cause for concern, and they continued to downplay or ignore all the sketchy activity on election night.

The poll watchers who were supposed to monitor ballot counting and ensure election integrity? They were sent home under the pretense of a water-main break that never happened, and not allowed to stay while piles of ballots for Biden were entered and re-entered repeatedly through the night. Those sudden spikes of Biden votes that showed up in the wee hours of the morning the next day? Did you think that was strange? No big deal, according to the left. Go home, nothing to see here. Everything is completely normal and on the level. Yeah, right.

These are the same people who NOW, threatened by the possibility of all their lies being fully exposed to the world, NOW these same people are forming a Ministry of Truth?!? Seriously? Are we supposed to trust them any more than the court-proven biased Facebook fact-checkers?

-Break Transcript –

Hold on, I’m being told that we have a breaking news story right now. And here it is – let’s put this graphic up on the screen…

Congrats to Joe on this crowning achievement!

Just a little comic relief, folks. Sometimes, we just gotta laugh. Okay, now back to it here…

Even apart from the obvious Nazi-sounding overtones, the formulation of a “Ministry of Truth” by the very people who’ve been lying to us for decades or longer should be a cause for concern. They aren’t the least bit interested in making sure only truth is shared and not misinformation. Quite the opposite, they want to keep the truth hidden and CONTINUE to promote misinformation. It’s not a Ministry of Truth, but just another Propaganda Ministry. Yeah, pretty much like Hitler had. Are the alarms going off yet?

I’m gonna say this again, folks. We are at war with evil forces that are bent on three things. The Bible says that the enemy comes to STEAL, KILL, and DESTROY. This goes far beyond the stealing of an election. These forces of evil and their pawns on the extreme left are trying to steal souls from inheriting the Kingdom of God. How? What do I mean? Just look at what’s going on in our public schools now…

The very innocence of childhood is being stolen from our children. There was the attack on the nuclear family, the demonizing of the patriarchy, kids growing up without dads in the home, and statistics show that the majority of crimes committed are done so by people who grew up without a father figure. This was exacerbated by the feminist movement which encouraged young women to avoid getting tied down to marriage, you don’t need a man taken to extremes, and then too many young men failed to step up and take on the responsibility of being there for their kids.

But now, the innocence of childhood is further damaged by the sexualization of even the youngest – all with the blessing of the public school system. Introducing prepubescent children to highly explicit concepts like sexuality, homosexuality, and gender-confusing teachings that CAUSE little boys to think they might be girls and little girls to think they might be boys. It’s insidiously evil to subject our kids to this garbage, and when parents try to intervene, they are labeled as extremists and terror threats. It’s insane.

These are just some of the ways the enemy is stealing from us today. How about how these evil forces are killing us? Let’s start with abortion. Over 350,ooo babies are murdered every year through this elective medical procedure. This should break our hearts, as well as compel us to act in defense of the unborn. Sadly, it doesn’t stop there. Murder and violent crime run rampant in our world, and the left would confiscate our guns used for protection, rendering people helpless. It is the cities with the most restrictive gun laws that have the most murders and violent crimes.

What else is killing us? How about the things that are encouraged and glamourized by the leftists of Hollywood which LEAD to all this violence? Objectifying women, emasculating men, glorifying sexual activity any way you want it, excusing all manner of bad behavior, promoting greed and love of self, as well as the outright rejection of God. All of these things lead to the defiling and destruction of the human soul. And destroying us mind, body, and soul – that’s the ultimate goal of evil.

Let me say that again, and let it sink in. The human race was made in the image of God. Destroying us mind, body, and soul is the ultimate goal of evil.

So how are we to respond? What is the proper Kingdom attitude when faced with such an attack? There is more to be considered than a simple reactionary answer. Should we fight back? Absolutely. But the way in which we wage war isn’t a simple matter of lashing out at those who lash out against us. We have to wage war in the spirit against our true enemy, while simultaneously showing mankind the love of God.

I recently responded to a tweet from Bette Midler. To be fair, what she tweeted wasn’t originally hers – I’d seen it before elsewhere. But it was this cartoon drawing that completely misrepresents Christianity. No, it doesn’t specifically name Christianity – but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out from the appearance of the guys in suits wielding their Bibles that this is how much of the world views Christians. You may have seen this, I’ll put it up here on the screen along with my reply to the tweet…

Obviously, this drawing is meant to depict Christians as people who hate gays and anyone who is a part of the LGBT community. Once again, this is an attempt to equate disagreement with hate. In this case, it portrays those with Bible-based beliefs as violent people who would just as soon beat a sinner to death as look at them. It wrongly puts Christians as the clichéic holier-than-thou judges of other people. Nope, that’s not who we are. Believing what the Bible says about sexual immorality of any kind doesn’t make us judges – it makes us witnesses of God’s Word. And none of us are going around beating people to death because we disapprove of what they’re doing, that would be what those in far left organizations like BLM and Antifa do.

See, while there are those who would seek to lie about Christianity and paint us all as a bunch of intolerant haters, there are also some who honestly don’t know any better than to believe the lies. We have to faithfully and properly represent Christ to the world. Where the enemy offers lies, we must offer truth. Where the enemy offers confusion and hatred, we must offer clarity and love. When the truth shines from us, that light defeats the darkness, exposes the lies, clarifies the misunderstandings, and helps people see that the very ones pointing a finger at us and screaming “intolerant haters” are themselves guilty of that which they are accusing us.

Romans 12:17-19

17 Repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of all. 18 If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all. 19 Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”

Believe me, I had to check my attitude before responding to Bette Midler’s tweet. What’s the saying? Check yourself before you wreck yourself! Yeah, if I had responded to her in the flesh, I could have maybe told her how stupid her tweet was or attacked her on a personal level as she seemed to be attacking Christian beliefs. But that wouldn’t have accomplished anything positive for the Kingdom, would it? No. This passage in Romans 12 is more than just a reminder of how to respond, but also a warning to avoid being reactionary. And in the end, when God’s judgment falls, He will be the One to rightly repay those who choose to dwell in mockery and injustice towards His people.

Having said that, it doesn’t follow that we sit idly by and do nothing in the face of evil either. When our faith is misrepresented, I think we are well within our mandate to set the record straight and defend Christianity with truth and love. But just because we ought to try to live peaceably with mankind, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give the devil hell at every opportunity. So we battle against our enemy on two fronts: In the physical with truth and love toward others, and in the spiritual with prayer and holy warfare.

This is how we fight our battles, and this is how – through God – we win the war. I’m just saying.

-End Transcript –

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